Weight Gain Holy Moly

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JoJo123 - November 30

Well, up till 20 weeks I had gained 3 lbs. Which, I thought was pretty good. I went to my dr yesterday for my monthy appt at 24 weeks and I gained 10 lbs. (yes- 10lb's) in just 4 weeks. Is that normal ?? I wanted to cry!


beardtl - November 30

I gained 7 lbs in 4 wks and the dr didn't seem to be worried about it.


Stephanie_31 - November 30

I though I was doing good too. I was only up 8 lb at my 18 week appointment. I went for my 22 week and BOOM 8 more lbs! Take comfort in the fact that the baby grows a lot between 20 and 24 weeks.


pomny143 - November 30

Alright JoJo...that's it. I am no longer speaking to you. I am 22 weeks and have gained almost 20 pounds!!!! That's it....I am going to cry! LOL. I say the next time we all go to the doctors, we refuse to step on the scale. Pregnant women unite all over the world! NO MORE SCALES! LMAO : )


cattac - November 30

Oh i've got all you ladies BEAT! I'll be starting my 24th week in a day and I've already gained b/t 23 and 25 lbs! I weighed 115 to begin with, I'm still exercising for an hour- running about 40 minutes of it, no longer eating sweets (I went through a 3-5 week stint where that's all I wanted) and I've STILL gained that much! Not to mention I had a stomach bug and lost several pounds. This is my third pregnancy...I think it's hopeless for me! I always gain a lot but wanted to try to be "good" this time and apparently my body doesn't care what I eat or how much I exercise- it just GAINS! I'm basically at the weight now that I wanted to be at in about 15/16 weeks!


lisa mc - December 1

its crazy how every pregnancy is different!! i am 24 weeks and only put on 3lb and i am measuring a week more!! at the end of the day as long as the baby is healthy. good luck ladies.


Babycrazy - December 1

Hey ladies, I lost ten lbs the first three months due to morning sickness. Then at my 4 month I had gained it back, then yesterday at my 5 month I had gained ten more!! Lets hope it's not a new thing with me, ten lbs a month!!! But I guess it's ok because I am really only up 10 from the start......I will cry with you though!!! haha


mgn - December 2

i was 115 when i got pregnant and i am 19 weeks today and gained 12 pds to date. so, i guess i am averaging around 5 pds a month (since i didnt start to gain until round 3 months) i am guessing this is pretty normal. i also have been exercising and TRYING to eat good.......i dont eat a ton of food but some goodies here and there. the baby is getting bigger cause my stomach has NEVER felt or looked like it does, even when i ate junk before. ladies, dont worry. ur baby NEEDS the weight......



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