Weight Gain At 15 Weeks

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les22 - June 2

i am 5. 3 and weigh 146lb. i havent gained any weight at all. im overweight but i should still have gained something by now. is anyone else having the same problem? is it even a problem?


lynette - June 2

Hi there les22. i have worried about the same thing. i am14w1d and i have gained 3.5 pounds so far. i have heard some women say that if you are overweight your weight gain should be less than others who are underweight. as long as you are eating right and following the recommended intake for pregnancy i would try not to worry to much! everyone keeps telling me that i should be thankful that i havent gained much! i guess in the end it will mean less to lose. Good luck in your pregnancy.


venus_in_scorpio - June 2

les - I think as long as you're not purposely dieting... that is to say, if youre eating healthy and living healthy it's probably fine. if in doubt, ask your doctor. Every woman is different. I am 5'5 and gained 11 lbs and am now 139... also at 15 weeks.


venus_in_scorpio - June 2

but 11lbs too much for 15 weeks. some gain "too much" some "too little" we are all different! its hard to live by guidleines when everyones body and metabolism and lifestyles are so different.


eyes82000 - June 2

I too am having a problem with gaining weight. I went to the doctor's last week when I was 19 1/2 weeks along and I've only gained 3 pounds. The doctor said that I should've gained about 10 pounds by now. I have another appt. in four weeks and she wants to see me put on the 7 pounds that I'm behind. I'm eating like crazy so I'm not sure why I'm not gaining the weight.


JESS1980 - June 2

les22: When I was 15 weeks I actually lost 4 pounds due to morning sickness. My doctor wasn't concerned at all. So I wouldn't worry if you haven't gained any weight yet. Just keep eating balanced meals and the weight will come eventually.


Mingill - June 2

less22, you're probably fine. Check with your doctor, they can tell you if you need to be gaining more or not. I also started this pregnancy overweight and gained very little at the beginning, but have since put on a healthy amount for baby and I (we're 26 weeks). It could be that your caloric intake is balancing out with what your body is using (You're eating just what your body and baby need) Eventually your body will start to build up stores of energy, baby will grow bigger, more amnionic fluid will be produced and the weight gain will come. Just keep eating healthy regular meals.


CaliTrish - June 2

According to my hospital, you should gain 25-35 lbs if you were average weight prior to your pregnancy. This works out to a pound a month for the first trimester, then a pound a week. If you were overweight, you should gain 15-25 lbs. With a BMI of 25.9, you should probably be aiming for a gain ~23lbs. Since it's expected to gain more in the latter part of your pregnancy, you've still got a couple weeks before gaining that pound a week. I started out with a BMI of 29.2, and at almost 22 weeks, I still haven't gained any weight. Figure I've got a couple more weeks, too. Just saw the doctor yesterday and she's not concerned. Just eat heathy and exercise. Think of it as less weight to lose later.


tndrlvn - June 2

i don't think there is anything to worry about i am 14 weeks and i am a little overweight myself and i lost 5lbs. My Dr. didn't seem to worried about it...I eat healthier now more then before iand i drink a lot and i mean alot of water. But i am takin all my prenatals to make sure baby is getting all he/she is needing... i even asked him about goign to aquatic work outs and he didn't say not to even with my weight loss... i wouldn't be over concerned just yet.....if you still seem to be stayin the same weight or loosing weight in the next few weeks.......then maybe talk to your dr. about it........and i was eating like crazy i was scared i had gained weight.....but baby is growing the way he/she is supposed to. so all is ok . all i have had is nautiousness, no morning sickness so i didn't loose weight by that and i don't do excercise normally....heheh


first-time-mommy - June 3

I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm almost 16 weeks and started out at 119lbs (I'm 5.6). So far I've only gained 1 1/2 pounds, and I eat all the time!! My Doctor tells me to eat more, but the baby is just fine. As long as you're eating healthy things, just enjoy it! I figure the weight will come soon enough.


Jen01 - June 4

I'm 17.5 w and I've gained maybe a pound or 2. My dr doesnt seem to be worried and my belly is starting to shift around and grow so I guess its ok.



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