Weight Gain In Pregnancy

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marjam07 - March 4

im 15 weeks pregnant. before i got preg. i weighed 145 and im 5'6. ive only gained 5 pounds. i eat very well. just wondering is thi normal. and when do you start gaining alot of weight. and ill be 16 weeks and 5 days when i go to my next app. do you think she will be able to tell me what it is. thanks alot


augustmommy3 - March 4

it's really nothing wrong, i am a little over 18 weeks now and i have only gained 6 pounds. i've always had troubles gaining wight, no matter what i ate. i was very worried, but doctor seems to think it's nothing to be scared of. she said i will gain more weight in my 6-7th month. Don't worry about it! it's normal.


EricaB - March 11

I am now 14 weeks and have gone from 124-139. Fifteen pounds seems like a ton to me. They told me I was "underweight" beforehand, which I'm not entirely in agreement with. I am 5 ft 6". I also was a marathon-runner, and now am pretty much lying around due to fibroid pain. Do any of you know what happens if you gain a huge amount in the first trimester? Does it make you have a bigger baby overall, or affect the development/health at all?


cyclemom - March 11

EricaB- Don't worry too much about your weight gain. When I was pregnant with my son they told me I was underweight too. I taught 6 spin cla__ses a week and lifted weights 4 X a week. I gained almost 10 pounds in the first trimester and a total of nearly 40 pounds. He was 9 pounds 5 ounces, but big babies run in my family and my husbands family. I lost the weight pretty fast once he was born. I'm almost 15 weeks with this pregnancy and I've gained 8 pounds so far(haven't been able to work out at all - way too sick!!). I think it's best to try to eat healthy and not worry unless your doctor is worried. When are you due? Is this your first?


EricaB - March 13

I'm due September 9th. What about you? This is my first pregnancy... I wish I could focus only on the health of the baby and not on the fact that I FEEL FAT! How long did it take you to lose the baby weight the first time? How long was it before you could return to spinning? That must have hurt for awhile!


overtaken - March 13

I'm 28 weeks now, and have gained somewhere around 25 pounds.. starting from I think 115. But until about 20-23 weeks I had hardly gained anything. I just started to 'pop' out and am growing more all the time :) It's hard for me too though, I've never had a tummy.. and I've still got 3 months to go!


EricaB - March 24

Overtaken, I'm sure you look adorable. The pregnant belly is just so cute. Mine is definitely growing on me.


lildevilgirl22 - March 25

i am 26 weeks and i have gained 11 pounds so far


angelinakai - April 7

I felt the same way the first time I was pregnant... just felt fat. I gained 60 lbs, but I lost it all plus some within 3 months after my son was born. If you hate being fat, you'll lose it fast. I was pretty freakin determined. Now I am 21 weeks and have gained 17 lbs. Too much, but I am really trying very hard not to gain as much this time.


babyblue2 - April 7

I am 24 weeks along and have gained 12lbs... but since I started out heavier than I should have (left over weight from last pregnancy), I am really trying to be careful. I had such a hard time (and was quite unsuccessful) losing the weight last time, that it still freaks me out to step on the scale and watch the numbers going up and up! LOL... But as long as my baby is healthy, its worth it in the end!


JMP - April 7

I'm 15 weeks and gained idk 8-10lbs? I'm 5'3 and was 110..Since I've been pregnant I've been so bloated so I'm not sure if it's real weight..I try and do it early in morning and I really think I gained maybe 6lbs..but through out the day the scale seems to increase! lol I'm just trying to appreciate this new tummy!


melay86 - April 8

I'm 14 weeks and have actually lost weight? This shocked me when I went to the doctor since I was sure I gained at least 5lbs. I'm trying to enjoy it because I know that the weight will be coming soon!!


gaer - May 13

I am 5'7 and 140lbs. I hover around there and the doc said thats great (Im 12 weeks) I havent gained yet, and he doesnt think I need to gain more than 15-20lbs. With my first I weighed 178lbs in the delivery room, and with my second I was 156lbs. I actually lost weight with #2 in the 7th and 8th month when their dad died. I was monitored closely and baby weighed in at 8lbs 10oz ... I think anywhere from 15-40lbs is "normal", depending on start weight and overall health.


JulieK - May 14

I am overweight to begin with, but with my first 2 pregnancies I lost weight in the first trimester, evened out in the second, and gained 20lbs in the third. Within a month after each birth, I had lost the 20lbs, plus an additional 15lbs. Not sure why it works like that for me but it does. Doctor is fine with it. So far this pregnancy I am on track to do the same.


Dicegirl15 - June 2

I am almost 23 weeks now. In my first trimester I lost 10 pounds because I was so sick. I couldn't really keep anything down...it was HORRIBLE!!!!! I have gained back 4lbs. since then. Now inching closer to my third trimester I still haven't gained anymore. I am starting to wonder why that is, but out midwife didn't seem to think it was a problem. My next appointment is June 8th, so we will see then if I have put on anymore. But I am overweight to begin with, so perhaps this is for the best. When you start out overweight you are only supposed to gain 15 to 20lbs. I think it is.


missarose22 - June 12

I started out over weight at 205 pounds and am 5 4'. By the time I was 6 weeks I had went down to 195. Now I am 18 weeks and I am at 189. (This wasn't because of sickness I wasn't really sick at all, my body was just burning more I guess) The doctor thinks it's fine since I was larger anyway. (Just a note I am very athletic and have a lot of muscle. It's not just an excuse!!) So anyway the doctor told me to lose between 13-20 pounds for the ENTIRE pregnancy. So far I've been able to do that since I've lost 15 pounds so we'll see if I can keep with it. My goal weight when I deliver is 200 pounds so that would put me 5 pounds under my starting weight. Just another note, my first appt with the doc I weighed 195 so the starting weight for him is 195 so he said I should weigh no more then 215 in the end. I'm hoping to keep the weight gain to a miniumum.


hgs16 - June 15

weight gain during pregnancy is such a strange thing! I am 5'10" and started out at 133 pounds. I exercise and eat healthy. I am pregnant with my 2nd right now and I am currently 13 weeks. I have gained about 4 pounds so far. I am doing so much better with my weight gain this time around than with my first pregnancy (believe it or not). I gained 8 pounds in the first trimester last time I was pregnant. I am doing nothing different this time around, yet I am not gaining weight as fast. I have no idea why this time around I am not gaining as fast. who knows?



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