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diana_1 - March 9

Hi! Hope everyone is doing fine.... I just had a question about weight gain during preg. I was 126lbs before I got preg..I am now 15 weeks and have noticed that I am about 138lbs (I gained 8 lbs in the last 3 weeks). I havent really changed my diet or anything like that.... Anyone know whats going on? Thanks!!!!


Shannon - March 10

8 lbs isn't too bad, i wouldn't stress about it any. the wieght gain could be any number of places. it could even be in your b___bs lol


diana_1 - March 10

thanks Shannon! I wasnt stressing too much about it... I just weighed myself last night, and thought it was a big jump!


JessC531 - March 10

The last time I went to the doctor, I was 16 weeks and had gained about 5 pounds. But I've been eating much better. Now I'm almost 20 weeks, and I've gained at least another 5 or so. It sounds to me like you're right on track!


Tracy88 - March 11

Diana, I started this pregnancy at 126 pounds also and can honestly say that your body is going to do whatever it wants to while PG. I know this won't sound too promising, but I gained an average of 8 pounds per month until a few weeks ago when the weight gain started to slow down. I am 30 weeks and weigh 174 now. The only thing I can suggest is that if you are allowed to exercise, then WALK and WATCH YOUR CARBS. I just found out I am on the borderline of having gestational diabetes. The irony is that I am not a big junk food eater, never have been, and have eaten fairly well throughout the whole pregnancy (with the exception of some french fries!) . I asked the doc if the diabetes has anything to do with my weight gain and he said no.....it's hormones and the pancreas. Even through morning sickness I managed to put weight on, so all I can say is take it in stride and realize that just because we start off small and pet_te, doesn't mean we are going to be one of those pregnant ladies with just the belly bump. Even at 174 pounds people I have known forever say I don't look heavy, that so much of it is belly. Take a look at my picture page at maymommies(dot)piczo(dot)com and click on Tracy88.


kerryv - March 11

dont worry about weight gain during pregnancy, just eat smart and if you have the energy and time, go for walks. there is only so much you can do. i am 37 weeks now and i didnt really start to gain weight until about 24 weeks, since then i gain about 3 lbs or so a week. i think i am at a total of 35 lbs but i am not sure- i quit looking awhile ago b/c i realized that there isnt anything i could do about it!


lqtoo - March 12

Diana, I am in a similar situation. I had bad m/s the first trimester and ended up losing 8 pounds. But after the 12th week I started feeling better and gaining weight. In the last 4 weeks I have put on an astonishing 9 pounds!! I won't say "don't worry about it" because of course we are all worried about how much weight we gain because we'll have to try to lose it somehow when this is all over. All you can do is eat healthy, try to excercise moderately, and hope that the weight gain is all baby. Good luck!


jodsil - March 12

I saw the OBGYN on Friday and found out I have gained 25lbs! I am 21w 3d! I am terrified about my weight and it is what Tracy88 said, watch your CARB intake. I think it is my portions because I really am staying away from the junk food. I will watch very closely what I eat this next 4 weeks until I see my doctor again. On a side note: Tracey88 it is nice to see someone else who has put on some extra weight. I swear my doctor made me feel like I was doing something wrong, she wants to send me to a nutrionist if I put on too much weight from now until the next appointment. Argg!!


soimpatient - March 12

Jodsil, I know how you feel. At my 20 week appointment I weighed in at 21lbs. It is definitely frustrating. It is such a misconception that people have when they say "oh you're lucky you're pregnant because you can eat whatever you want". If I ate whatever I wanted I would be +100lbs by now!


Tracy88 - March 12

It's atrange because not once have any of my doctors shown concern over my weight gain. I ask every time I go for a check up and all they say is, "I'll let you know if I think it's too much." One day I said to the doc I am fat, and he said you are not fat, you are pregnant. Healthwise, they are not concerned.


clifton - March 12

I've been gaining huge amounts of weight recently and was stressing about it but after talking to literally every mom and reading this thread I'm realizing it's way more common than I thought. BTW, my "growth spurt" was 12lbs in 3 weeks!!! I'm just under 18 weeks and weigh 17lbs more than pre-PG. Weird to think your body just does what it wants, but comforting somehow knowing you guys are going through this too :)


Marie6549 - March 13

I'm currently 21w 4d and am yet to put on any weight. I lost 4lbs since being pregnant and have put 2lbs back on so far so am still down to - 2lbs! I am on the larger side and midwife said that the bigger you are, the less you tend to put on. With DS i gained 10lbs the whole pregnancy, went 2 weeks over and had to be induced and he weighed 8lbs 5oz! I weighed myself 2 weeks after he was born and had lost the 10lbs I put on plus 11lbs on top of that!! I think the same thing will happen this time round aswell. I remember that by this time with DS I had already gained 5lbs so who knows.....everything I read suggests that they like you to put on around 2 stone


mtnla__s - March 13

I so wish I had everyone's problem. I'm worried because I lost 2.5 pounds in the last week. I now weigh less than when I started keeping track 6 weeks ago. I'm nearly 22 weeks. I have had awful ms all day and not even medicine has helped this time. I guess it just goes to show that when you're pregnant you're always worried about something. I just have to keep reminding myself that the baby is moving and getting stronger, heartbeat is fine and placenta is healthy. Everyone can send a few pounds my way! LOL


kimberly - March 14

I only gained 28 lbs. with my first and gained 48 lbs. with my last. Now with this one I am 16 weeks and have gained 9 lbs. so far. I really stress about my weight this time b/c i had so much to lose after I had my last baby, I don't want a 50 lb. weight gain this time, but it seems almost impossible.



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