Weight Of Baby 23 Weeks

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seanyshoony - April 3

gynae told us tat @ 23wks, our baby girl weighs 519gm = 18.3 ounces. is it normal range? pls share. thank you.


seanyshoony - April 3

for easy reference - Pound wld b 1.14. anyone to share w me her baby's weight at tis weeks as people hv seen me & comment tat my tummy doesnt look big for 5mthers & even say tat i look slimmer than before pregnant! thanks for any input. jus wish our baby girl is healthy! :)


^lucy^ - April 3

hi.. im almost 33 weeks now but wanted to share with u my baby girl's weight at my 20 weeks u/s :) she was 468 grams.. i thought she was tiny cz i couldnt imagine that she would be that small.. but the dr told me she's in the normal range.. at 30 weeks exactly i had a 3D u/s for fun to see baby's babies facial features (baby refused to show us her face!!) and the dr told us that she weighed 1.46 Kgs.. i also thought this was small and i think this is average,, i was a small baby 2.7 Kgs at birth so maybe she's gonna be just like mommy :) to make things short for u..dont worry ur baby is within range :) i didnt really show until i was 7 months and still at the mid of my 8th month, i dont show like other women at the same # of weeks.. it depends on ur body mostly


Layla - April 3

Hi. I'm 25 weeks now and at my last u/s the tech said my baby weighed about 1.75 lbs. But according to one of my pregnancy calenders here is what it says for 23 weeks "Baby's crown to rump length is 21 cm or 8.3 inches. Baby weighs about 500-600 grams or 1.1-1.3 pounds". So your baby sounds normal to me. Dont worry about your tummy size as long as baby is healthy. I went from no tummy to HUGE tummy lol. So you'll have your baby bump before you know it.


18tobe - April 3

hey. im 24 weeks now but i only had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and the doctor said he weighed 11oz. :)


ckmnac - April 3

At 23 weeks 5 days I was told my little girl weighed 14oz. She measured exactly a week behind though.


Revel - April 3

at 19 weeks when i had my u/s to see that i was having alittle boy he weighed 11oz :) and the tech told me that he was perfect sized


seanyshoony - April 3

thanks for all ur replies .. they do make me feel so much better knowing tat we r all abt the same ... thkx!



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