Weird Breast Question

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LeeAnn0925 - January 26

So, I read on many websites that if there aren't many changes to your br___t then maybe you're having a boy. I don't know how true this is, but how many of you had much change and it was a girl?? I have had no change to my br___t at all except for a lil (i mean little) Fullness. I am 22 weeks now..Does the change start later in pregnancy or what?? Anyway just curious to see how many of you had or is having boys or girls and what your br___teses did???


DDT - January 26

Well, with my first (a boy) I didn't have much change happen to my b___sts. Your b___sts will generally increase in size during the 1st and then 3rd trimester. When your milk comes in they will get bigger to. With my current pregancy I am still unsure of the s_x (will find out in 6 days though) and my b___sts have undergone A LOT of change. They are a cup size bigger and leaking A LOT. I could feed a baby off of them already. Now I don't know whether or not this is related to it being a 2nd pregnancy...that my b___sts are just now more "mature" could I say (if that makes sense?). But I suppose the u/s will reveal if the old wive's tale has any standing in my situation. Are you finding out the s_x before hand?


LeeAnn0925 - January 26

I don't find out til Feb. 6th..I can't wait. I don't know why they are making me wait til 24 weeks. Keep me posted on the s_x of your new lil one..Thank you so much!!


cors1wfe - January 27

I think it's hard to say if b___st change can determine s_x because with my first son I had no real change in my b___sts except for growth- with my second son I got really dark large nipples and got the nickname bologne nipples it's hard to say - this time I have dark spots on my nipples and they are bologne sized already and this time I am having a girl.....I wouldn't rely on b___st change to determine the s_x.


sarah21 - January 27

I hadn't heard of that. I am having a girl, this is my first baby, and my nipples are quite a bit darker, but I've only gone up half a cup size and I'm 32 weeks.


Mel Page - January 28

Well I'm usually a full B size, and have only gone up one size recentlly, I'm now almost 36 weeks. So no breats changes for me in the beginning aswell. And yip, I'm having a little girl!! Good luck on your 24 weeks scan hun!!!



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