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ella - November 23

I'm 20 weeks and have this weird rash on the top of my hands. I've had it on and off for about a month now. It looks like tiny pimples and they are very itchy. Has anyone else experienced this, or know how to get rid of it? thanks


fay - November 23

I am 21 weeks pregnant, and I have the littlepimples you are refering to on my back and my upper chest. I just think that it because of all the changes that are happening in our bodies. I didn't use anything because I don't see them, but I am sure that if they were on my hand I would try to get rid of them too! Good luck and try not to itch them, that all you need is a scars. Ask the doc if you are allowed to use anti itching cream.


Michelle - November 25

I am 29 weeks and I have the same thing on my legs! I have no idea what they could be though.


estee - November 27

pure shea b___ter - works wonders (well, at least most of the time!) good luck


aria - November 28

well... mine didnt look like pimples, more like a chemical burn on my hands. One covered 3/4 of one hand with a bright red rash that was itchy, burning and had dry scaly skin. The same thing on 2 spots of my other hand. Mine I think were caused from stress, because as soon as I took off some days from work they were gone, then after my first day back they're here again, just not as bright red


bushra - November 28

I am 15 weeks and have a weird kind of rash too, all over my chest and back, just like pimples, and very itchy too. I didnt know if it was related to my pregnancy, but after reading your question about your rash, i think it may very well be. And no, i dont know how to get rid of it, i hope it just goes away on its own!


jamie - December 1

i am 21 weeks and have what look like little pimples on my belly and chest.I itch like crazy every where......


ella - December 1

went to my doc and asked him about it, he told me it was called skin dermat_tis, it's an allergic reaction to something that my hands are coming into contact with... cream, dish soap, laundry detergent, or something like that... To figure out what cause it i have to wear gloves to do everything and then slowly reintroduce one thing a t a time and see whrn the rash returns. If I don't find out what it is it will only get worse. He also told me if it's not itchy or irritated, and theres no fever it's probably nothing to worry about, but if it becomes troublesome to any of you ladies, go see your doc and figure it out because appaerntly it only gets worse!! good luck!


aria - December 7

my dr told me it was pups... but now my husband has it and men cant get pups... so I think mine might be shingles (the adult form of chicken pox) I havent had an outbreak in 12 years, but like chicken pox once you have it you always have it.


shannon - December 20

I need help too. I have a rash type irritation and its on my legs front and back, between my toes, the under side of my arms and in between my fingers. NOTHING relieves the itch. I have tried Benedryl cream, Serna, Aveeno and Cortaid...I am still scratching. They are skin toned bumps until they get itched then the skin becomes red. If I itch them alot they turn into tiny tiny blisters - still skin toned though...HAS ANYONE HAD THIS??


CJ - December 21

I'm 11weeks and have a weird rash on my hands as well. It looks like little pimples, a clear fluid comes out if I squeeze them. They aren't terribly itchy just yucky looking!


Amy - December 22

I got "PUPS" when I was about seven months pregnant. I do know that it is horrible and very uncomfortable. I do know that the only cure for it is delivery. Go buy alot of Aveno bath soak and Gold Bond medicated powder. It helped me a litt.e


Tracey - January 24

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I have what look like small red pimples on my belly. they itch like crazy and I keep putting lotion on because it soothes the itch, but only for about 2 hours. My friend said it was called pups and that the doctor can give me a cream for it, but it probably won't go away until delivery. I'm going to see my doctor this afternoon and hopefully she'll be able to help me.


Tina - February 16

I too have it on the tops of my hands and it is VERY VERY ITCHY,I hate it!! they tell me it wont go away until the birth which is still 3 months!!!! Not sure I can handle it..I have tried so many things and nothing works except frozen compresses...I was told by 2 doctors that it is a rare rash related to pregnancy called PUPS. Any remedy that works PLEASEEEEEEEE let me know!


mel - February 16

i had spots on my right leg and it iched i asked my doctor and she said to put lotion on it. it went away. now i have tiny pimples on my upper chest my doctor said to just keep it clean and it'll go away after birth


norma - February 19

I am 14 weeks with my 4th baby and have pimple lilke rash on the backs of my knees some on my arms and it looks like some kind of a burn under my left b___st and it all itchs like hell.I'm glad to hear its not just me because it was worrying me,but i've been using calamine lotion to make it through the night .Thanks for the different ideas


Jennifer - February 27

The pups rash affected me 5 days before I delivered my son. I was POLLUTED! It began on my hands and soon spread up my arms, down my legs, on my chest, and finally on my back! My doctor said that I had one of the worst case scenarios that he had witnessed. While in the hospital, many nurses were coming in to see my "outbreak!" They tried different medications to help relieve my itchy feeling. Finally, the doctor suggested steriods, I declined. The rash continued, but slowly disappeared following the weeks after delivery. I think finally 3 months later, I was cured! My suggestion is to talk to your doctor, he or she may suggest something that can help relieve the temporary itchiness. Hand in there!



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