Weird Sensations

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sj - April 25

Hi guys Wonder if anyone can help? Am 20 weeks today, and have been experiencing movement for the past 2 weeks. In the last two days however, it's been a lot less, and I'm getting these feelings like I'm being kicked right in the cervix or somewhere similar. I don't have any other movement when these feelings happen though, and can't be sure it's actually kicks I am feeling there, or very odd twinges. Has anyone experienced this? Honestly feels like the baby is about to leap out of me! Thanks!


kelley32 - April 25

Oh, yeah, I remember those kicks in the cervix ... not too pleasant. I never really quite got used to that and just hoped that the baby would kick elsewhere.


Evonna - April 25

It's your baby's head pushing down in the cervix.


Been There - April 25

I agree with Evonna. It sounds like the baby is pushing on the cervix. That happens to me alot. Having had a lot of ultrasounds, I know the little pain seems to love staying that way or at least going right back to that spot.


3babies - April 25

Hi SJ it is pretty common to get kicks/pushes in the cervix especially if your placenta is in front or up the top. I got the odd one with my first baby, but with my second I honestly felt like the baby was going to poke his hand or foot right out of there on a regular basis. I reached 38 weeks with him so although it feels weird it is normal., Feels a bit like a jolt or electric shock a bit doesnt it? This preg I am now 26 weeks and those jabs down there are a lot firmer. I'm sure on long car trips my baby turns that way up just specifically to drive me insane with kicks in the cervix and bladder!


Kara H. - April 25

A good friend of mine just had her baby and she kept getting those cervical pains while still pregnant. At her last u/s they found out the cause of her pain. The baby kept putting his hands on his head while in the head down position. He is three weeks old and sleeps with this hands on his head now too!


LollyM - April 26

I get that odd feeling down there too! I'm 25 weeks now, and I get them every day. It really does feel weird like the baby is just going to kick her way out or something!


sj - April 26

Thanks so much - I'm so glad you knew what I was talking about! Good luck to you all.


Evonna - April 26

I don't think it's the baby's kick, because she is in the second trimester and the baby is head down which the pressure of the baby's head on the cervix can be painful at times.


kelley32 - April 26

Actually , at 20 weeks the baby has not yet settled permanently into the head-down position and moves around and changes positions alot - hence the kicks in the cervix.


sj - April 27

Just checked in with my dr, and she says it's quicks - should go in the next few weeks as baby gets higher apparently. Thanks!



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