Weird Things Going On Quot Down There Quot

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april mama - October 24

Hi all. I am 17 weeks pregnant and this morning I work up and felt a little "irritation" down there. I grabbed a mirror to check it out and I have a small patch of irritated skin (it no where near the va___al opening, more forward and closer to my leg is that helps describing the location any....) anyway, there is one little spot that looks almost like a pimple. Its is milding painful, very mild. I almost think the pain is just from the location as it is almost where the cotton of my underwear ends and the regular part begins, where that seam is (not the seam but the butt). Its read around the area and the skin isn't raised. Does anyone know what this could be???? I'm wndering if it something like diaper rash since pregnancy is causing this extra discharge? OR could you get this with a yeast infection?? Like mentioned, it not where near the va___al opening.


april mama - October 24

I meant to say not the BY the b___t...


Charlene - October 24

Maybe an ingrown hair irritated by your underwear band?


? - October 24

genital warts? Mine came out during pregnancy - A lot people have this and don't know it b/c symptoms only come out when the immune system is down. I got it just by s_xual contact (not s_x) with someone!


k - October 24

if it is a lump and near the v____al opening it could be a cyst or abcess that can happen it did to me not when I was preggo but a couple months before just let it run its course, dont mess with it, but if you get more bumps and they are tingly and ichy you may want to get tested for herpes, sorry I just reread your post, it sounds like a ingrown hair, sorry agian best of luck


Mary - October 24

It definitely sounds like an ingrown hair sometimes caused by shaving and just the irritation from your underwear. It will go away in a few days. I've seen lots of things like these. I used to be an exotic dancer and we used to get those alot from shaving and the constant rubbing from giving lapdances. A diaper rash ointment like Destin actually helps clear it up faster. Good luck!


april mama - October 24

Thanks for your replies....I'm wondering if it might be an ingrown hair now. I believe I was tested for STD when I became pregnant (there were so many tests I can't remember anymore!). Its no where near the v____al opening that is what is confusing me!


Michelle - October 24

Is it a boil?? I get them there sometimes when I am pregnant. Hurts like a b**ch!


k - October 24

is it on your v____a or on the outer lip near your leg? if it is on the part with hair then rest a__sured it is a ingrown hair if not and it is where hair does not grow then its different and should be seen by a doc... Im sure you will be fine, good luck and keep us updated.


april mama - October 25

Hi Ladies, Well I had a doc appt yesterday and asked the nurse (the doc was running behind of course) and she didn't sound too concerned. She said to use some hydrocortize cream on the area. Monistat makes one so I picked it up at the store last night. I already feel some relief. The 'area' is where the hair grows. I asked her about a ingrown hair as well and she said to try warm compress if the cream doesn't work. She said I could have sensitive skin due to the all the extra moisture down there. Michelle - what do you do for your boils?? The nurse said if it didn't go away in a couple of days to make another appointment, but it feels better so we shall see. Yes, the area is where the hair grows....



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