Weirdest Thing Happening Quot Down There Quot

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monkey - October 23

I am just wondering what are typically symptoms of what the va___a goes through in pregnancy. Today I started feeling a feeling in my va___a (much like what one gets right when they first get aroused and need satisfaction.) lol...Anyways, I brought a mirror down there to "check it out" and everything looks good other than when I pulled my va___a lips open to look inside (sorry if TMI) I could see the tip of my cervix. My doctor told me my cervix was long but could it be hanging this low because my uterus is getting heavy and pushing down on it. My baby is definitely laying low these days...I see the doctor tomorrow but I just wanted to know if these things (a: the feeling and b: the cervix laying low) has happened to anyone else. Thanks for your feedback!


Preggo - October 23

Hey Monkey, I am having something like a v____al ache or cramping that comes and goes on occa__sion. Does it feel something like that? I'm 19 wks and this is my first pregnancy. The feeling is only in the v____a and I'm not spotting or having abdominal pain. I to can feel my cervix when I do a self examination.


pg - October 23

Preggo, sounds like the same thing I have also. I'm 20 wks and my first too. There's no other pain involved and it comes & goes. Guess it's normal?


monkey - October 23

yeah, preggo, that is it - like an achiness. I would be thrilled if it was that I could "feel" my cervix, but it is so low that I can actually SEE the tip of it without anything but my hands opening the v____a and a hand mirror. It is really strange. I am going to ask my doctor about it tomorrow.


Preggo - October 25

Let us know what your Doc has to say about it Monkey!!


Linda - October 26

I've been feeing that v____al ache, too...usually it starts at my cervix and goes down the birth ca___l. I'm 17 weeks, by the way. I guess it's stuff moving around??



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