Well Is Normal With Hubbies Or Its Just Mine

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goldfish - December 8

Well i have been reading all u gals posting about s_x and things. i have hormone changes in my body but effects are felt on my DH . He somehow seems to have lost total interest in s_x. Is that normal?. I keep chasing him like tom and he keeps running away from me like jerry. It was the otherway round before.


mama keya - December 9

Maybe he's afraid he'll hurt you or the baby. Or maybe he feels the baby will know or can see what's going on sounds crazy but some men do go through these stages. Talk to him or let him talk to your doctor for reasurrance. Good Luck *Keya*


denimbluez - December 9

i second the comment about getting him to come with you and talk to the dr about it. my husband and i didnt have a problem at first. i was like a frieking rabbit i could get it five times a day and i think it wouldnt be enough lol. i just got sooo crazy wanting it sooo badly i just went nutso :o) he didnt have a problem with that lol, he actually told me he couldnt keep up with me haha!! but now that he's starting to see me with a belly hes kinda got the same way as your hubby. i really think it's like mama keya said. he may think he'll hurt the baby?? dont know....just talk to him about it :o) good luck!!


beardtl - December 9

I am with you on this one....my dh doesn't want to have s_x. At first we argued and then came the accusations (from me) and then he finally opened up and said he was scared to hurt the baby- which is understandable now b/c everytime we did have s_x in the beginning i bled-freaked out- went to the dr and luckily everytime everyting was ok. So he was just scared- as was I but I just wanted it so bad. Now since my 19 wk scan and he seen everything is ok with the baby he has changed his tune- a lil too late now b/c my s_x drive has left. i am just so big, tight and full of gas i'm kina scared I may let one loose :) well see what happens, but to answer your question- its not just your dh.



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