Were Your Baby Gender Predictions Correct

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tmjulien - September 23

For those of you that did any kind of baby prediction test, (including the home test such as holding a ring over your belly) after your u/s were they correct? This is just for entertainment only!!!!!


AngelinLuv - September 23

Everything and anything told me I was having a girl. From the myths to the Chinese calendar. Ultrasound day we found out we're having a little boy.


mama keya - September 23

Lol, that's funny the Chinese calender got 1 out of 3 right guess you have to be Chinese for it to work. (I hope no one gets offended)


mama keya - September 23

I mean 1 out of 3 right for me


KMcDougall - September 24

HI, i used the chinese predictor and it said we were having a boy, and it was correct. It was also correct with my sisters two girls. But hey youve got a 50/50 chance either way lol


sahm2alaj - September 24

Everything from the chinese calendar to on-line exams said we were having a girl and it turns out we are deffinetly having a boy :)


Liezel - September 25

Well this is my first pregnancy and of course I tried every gender predictor I could get my hands on.... All of the old wives tales as well as the ring over the belly, the shettles method and chinese calenders pointed to boy and all of them were correct... We are definetly having a little boy in January! Plus all of my mommy instincts screamed boy as well. But I did have a 50/50 chance of being right =)


lil-miss-saunders - September 25

most quizzes and things told me im having a baby girl and they were infact correct .


mrssolo - September 25

I'm expecting twins and everything said girls. The ring test old wives tales the way I was carrying, everything. My whole family said girls. My husband who predicted the twins for 5 years before it happened said girls. I said boys. I have one son already and I just insisted it was boys from the beginning, and low and behold the only thing that proved right was mommy's instincts.


Anathi - September 25

I've tried the ring, Shettle's and old wives tale and my instict all are telling me boy but still waiting to know! : > (


babylove4 - September 25

Yes all of them said I'm having my Girl and I am!!!!! all of my Us confirmed as well...


lisa mc - September 26

with my first i done the chinese calender which said a girl and also the faster heartbeat which also indicated a girl and it was right!! i am pregnant with my second and both are saying boy so fngers crossed!!!


Rainbowbrite - September 26

Lisa Mc i was just wondering how fast the heartbeat was for your girl/verses what you're having now??? Because i know when i first heard the heartbeat it was at 183 and now it is in the low 140s!


auntbuby - September 27

hehe ALL of my pregnancies were wrong. The heartbeat was EXACTLY the opposite of what they say...I had 2 girls frst and every prediction said boys, now I am 25 weeks with a boy and everying said girl, including the chinese calendar. LOL. BTW the heartbeat with my boy was 160s.


tmjulien - October 1

my predictions were all right!!! my instincts was a girl and today we found out it's indeed a girl.her h/b was 150 today


shdwdrgn98 - October 2

tmjulien- I am glad that your predictions were right. I am 18 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I have had a feeling since day one that this one is a boy! I find out in 7 days. I have 2 girls and my DH knew with our first and I knew with our 2nd. I just have a feeling. I have read that 70% of pregnant women can accurately predict the s_x of their baby. I just hope I'm part of that 70%. Congratulations



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