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seanandmya - January 17

Is 18 weeks the beginning of my fifth month ? I find all this stuff very confusing , do i tell people i am five months along now ? I thought it was just my fourth !


MichelleB - January 17

I always count backward from my due date. Everyone understands that a pregnancy is 9 calendar months, so I am due April 27th, then on Jan 27th, I will say I am 6 months,(27 weeks). I just find it less confusing doing it that way!


lily10 - January 17

I thought you hit your 5th month at 17 weeks? I saw that in a chart inside a magazine yesterday... I get confused as well.


jessica72 - January 17

Yeah, I get confused too. I always did my math to say that 4X5 equals 20, so at week 20 I finished my fifth month using the standard 4 weeks to a month, but I know that's not completely accurate either. I do know that most resources say to just count the last menstrual period date and each time that calendar day rolls around is technically another month, kind of like your method Michelle.


MNMOM - January 17

pregnancy is actually 38 weeks from conception, which is technically 9.5 months, this is why it is sooo confusing. people generalize and say it is "9 months" when acutally it is longer than that if you go full term! I always just tell people I am 17 of 38 weeks and let them decide what they want to call it! :)


sarahd - January 17

There are 10 4-week months in pregnancy, so by those pregnancy calendars, 16 weeks is 4 months, 20 weeks is five months. By a normal calendar, 5 months is around 22 weeks


nanders - January 17

I count nine months from my lmp. I conceived the end of july, so I count aug as month 1, sep month 2 etc.B/c you are pg for the full nine months and I'm due the end of april! I find it less confusing this way. As for the weeks I know what I am, and if people ask for the date in weeks I give them! If we can;'t figure it out they won't! I don't worry about it to much, the baby is going to show up when it wants to anyhow! Just remember that you are not actually pg the first two weeks, ask your doc to clarify if you 18wks pg ...baby is 16 wks, or if the baby is 18wks gestational age. It may make things easier!


c_baer19 - January 17

The differences are if you count from gestation or conception - your last menstrual period or the day that you concieved. That's the difference in weeks, it's confusing to me too.


Tammy276 - January 17

your 5th months starts at 17 weeks. So if you are 18 weeks pregnant, technically you are 4 months and 1 week....You would tell people you are 5 months pregnant when you are 5months complete.....If you want to count by calander months, then don't count by weeks because you are just going to get confused....if you want to count by weeks then count by lunar months, which is 4 weeks per month for 10months, equalling 40 weeks.


Rosiemeg - January 17

whenever i get confused i just go here- baby2see.com/pregnancylength


Rosiemeg - January 17

copy and paste, it should work.


DownbutnotOUT - January 17

All I do is 40 weeks is considered term (actually 38-40) and than i think 20 weeks is 4 1/2 months. I find alot of websites are different when it comes to how many weeks= what months. for me the 40 week thing is my favorite and keeps everything simple.



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