What A Nightmare Today Has Been

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Cad0587 - March 12

Ok so I'm sure some of you recognize my screen name and have read about me complaining about movement and c__p like that. Well, I've NEVER felt regular movement, I am 25 weeks 2 days and I've felt the baby but it's never been a thing where I've felt her every few hours or every hour which some people say I'm supposed to. Well, she was really active Wednesday night and since then I haven't felt her at all so today I said something to my friend and she was like "You NEED to call the doctor" and I didn't think it was a problem since I've never felt regular movement, well I call the doctor on my break at work and they act like it's a HUGE emergency and they want me to come in RIGHT AWAY like I mean... I didn't think it was a problem until they acted like it was such a big deal so I start freaking out, crying and shaking and I call my husband and he's gonna leave work early and come get me so I tell my boss I have to leave early and I was all crying and it was just horrible. So we get to the doctors. There are 2 doctors at my practice, a girl and a guy and I've always seen the girl but she's leaving the practice. I don't know if she already left or if she just wasn't there but I saw the guy today and this was my first time meeting him. I heard all about him and I have NOT heard good things and not to soundmean but he just looks SO creepy and miserable he's always given me weird vibes so I actually meet him and he goes "So what...? You haven't felt the baby in a day or 2?" and I said "nooo... since Wednesday" and he's like "well, let's listen to the heartbeat, I'm sure nothing is wrong." and we listen to the heart and he goes "well it's fine, still in there, but we'll have an ultrasound just to look around" mind you, he is saying this sooo like he is just... completely uninterested and kind of condescendingly and I'm just like ok so he said follow me and I follow him to the ultrasound room and he says to the lady "this girl wants an ultrasound just to look around and see if everything is ok" and she just sounds annoyed and she's like "well what am I supposed to do you just want me to look at the heart or what?" like SORRRRY that I am such a big inconvenience. And then I go in there and the lady is like "I don't know what you expect to see..." and the guy was like "yeah there really isn't a reason for this" i was like OH MY GOD THIS WAS YOUR IDEA. They were acting like I BEGGED for the ultrasound or something, he brought it up! I'm only doing it because he thought we should and he's a doctor so I just thought we'd listen to the freakin' doctor! and then after the ultrasound he wants to look over the pictures and c__p so he makes me go in this room with him at the other side of the office and we dont even sit down we're just standing in this roomm and he goes "alright... everything's alright." and I 'm just like Ok... and I didn't know if that was my cue to leavfe or not so I just stood there and he goes "um, yeah... so that's it" iw as like alright... so I just left. WHAT THE HELL!? I was going to switch doctors anyway when I found out my other doctor was leaving but now its like yeah, no way in h__l is that guy delivering my baby! he'd probably be like "yeah, ok, arlight, here's your baby, ok, bye..."


Cad0587 - March 12

OH, p.s., everything is ok! the baby was moving a lot but I just couldn't feel it, who knows why. You could see her bouncing around and the ultrasound lady was like "did you feel that? how about that? how about that?" and I was just like ummm... no haha.


FF - March 12

I can't believe they acted like that! Doctors are supposted to have some kind of compa__sion, especially when you're a worried pregnant lady!! I am truly shocked! By the time I was that far along with my first my doctors gave me a chart to keep at home and track when I was feeling movement. They looked at it at every appointment and were always so good with my questions or concerns. I think it's time for you to find a new doc for sure!!!


DownbutnotOUT - March 12

thats actually a pretyt horrid story I would definatly never see him again his bed side manner is atrocious. Anyway with my 1st, 3rd, and current pregnancy the babies were soooo active and even on a non active day the move around abit. with my 2nd I would go 1-2 days without feeling him move at all and when he did move it was a kick or two. Well hes 3 1/2 now and very active but when he was born he was the most laid back baby ever, very relaxed until he got dirty or hungry lol. Try to remember every pregnancy is different and some you dont feel a whole lot of movement but everything ends up fine.


jen327 - March 12

Hi, well your story sounds terrible. I had a pregnancy complication, bleeding 4 times very heavy and each time my OB was like, well you might miscarry but if not that is great. I finally tracked down my own test results and I had a tear in my placenta. I was at 11 weeks. I ended up switching OB's to an OB I talked to on the phone. She is awesome. She sent me to a specialist and they put me on bed rest for a month. I am now 19 weeks and doing great. So I am so happy I listened to my gutt and switched. if you don't trust the OB or like him, you should switch. Find someone who belives you and understands you might be freaking out. My new OB said to call whenever I am worried or need to check on the baby. She said they will fit me in! I never have called but feel like I can totally trust what she says and i am so glad I switched. Good luck.


Krissy25 - March 12

I agree, your doctor should have more understanding for your feelings, but it sounds like the tech was part of the problem too. How do you feel about your doctor other than this event? Are there other doctors in this practice you could see?


Cad0587 - March 12

There are 2 doctors there, I usually see the woman but she's leaving soon so I was going to swtich anyway because I didn't want this guy even before I met him, and now that I've met him I DEFINITELY don't want him.


Krissy25 - March 12

You should probably start looking within the next few days, It can be hard to find a doctor but you should be comfortable with your doctor and since you are getting further along you will be seeing him/her more. Good luck.


suze42 - March 12

why do we have to feel like such a dang imposition on these people??? My OB isnt as bad, but her nurse is and whenever I call its like Im totally bugging her...but then the doc say to call if A or B goes wrong..so you do, and the nurse is like so blase'. I feel your pain...I would say your situation was pretty extreme. I would def. look into switiching even if its mid-pregnancy. Wouldnt you HATE to go thru labor/delivery w/such horrible att_tudes! Good luck, soory you had such a bad experience...and very glad to hear your baby is fine!!! At least you have a happy ending!


jen327 - March 13

I totally agree. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new OB. I called her the other day and said I was freaked out because I had not been able to find the heart beat with my doppler, she said stop by after 12 and we will let you listen. I am so happy I switched and now that I have, I rarely call with concerns. Before I called all the time :)


kvilendrer - March 15

I hate rude doctors! My ob/gyn consists of like 4 doctors, and they make you see each one once and then for the rest of the time, they send you to the nurse midwife. I LOVE the nurse midwife! But one of the guy docs was on call one weekend, and I had a concern, so I called him. He got irritated for calling him about it. Especially when it's your first pregnancy, everything worries you. And they get paid a lot of money to answer the phone when they're on call, so I don't see why it's such a big deal! If I got paid as much money as they do, I'd have no problem!!


wailing - March 16

If any type of Dr. should be most understanding it's the baby Dr!!!!! All pregnant women freak out ALL THE TIME. Who know's what's happening in there! My Dr's office is great whenever I call w/ a problem. If u weren't comfortable w/ him before and now u hate him even more, just switch. There is nothing worse then a Dr. w/ a horrible bedside manner or who creeps u out!!!!! Good Luck!



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