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ry - October 30

just wondering if any of you have started buying baby things yet, this is my first and although I am anxious to start buying things I am a little nervous. I am only 17 weeks and feel things can still go wrong. What are you doing?.....................


Christi - October 31

ry... I am about 21 weeks with my first baby and still havent bought a thing either. I have the same issues... I am scared to buy things in the instance that something may happen or go wrong. I want to purchase things so bad, I know that is where the excitement really starts, and where you finally really realize that you are indeed having a baby. I havent even started on the nursery yet... but I want to so bad. I think most people start buying around the 20th week... or so I am told. There is an old wise tale that its bad luck to buy anything before the 5th month. I dont know how true that is... but I havent just in case...lol.


Charlene - October 31

I will be 22 weeks tomorrow and we have started buyibg stuff already. We are looking at 2nd hand stuff and if we come across a goo deal and it is ib great condition, we pick it up. I was very leary in the 1st trimester thinking that I would jinx the whole thing if I bought ant baby things. Enjoy this time. if all is going well with your appt's and you feel good, indulge now. I plan to have baby's room done by the time I am at the 7th month. Good luck


Shawna E. - October 31

This is my fourth pregnancy... I lost the other three in the first trimester, and it is hard for me to get past things going wrong yet again. When this baby is born, we will have been waiting for 7 years for a child. My fear for this pregnancy is starting to subside the further I make it, and I will be 19 weeks tomorrow. Because of my history, I have been terrified of losing this one as well, and I hesitated for a long time before buying anything baby-related. I had gotten one single stuffed animal when I was just 5 weeks along and awaiting our second HCG results... I wanted it as a memento in case we lost this baby, too. I had regretted not having "tangible" things to help us memorialize our first three losses. As the weeks and months pa__sed, I realized that I would soon have to start buying things despite my fears. Buying my first pair of maternity pants was VERY emotional for me.... it was almost as if I was afraid to acknowledge the pregnancy in such a way, the old "jinxing" idea. As more time pa__sed, my husband encouraged me to get a few more articles of maternity clothing and even some toys. He pointed out that if we lost this baby, our grief would be terrible. But would having those things actually make it any WORSE? How could it be worse? He said that he knew I was afraid, and so was he, but that we could at least have a good memory of shopping for our child when things were still hopeful and bright. He was right, and we went on a little spree of sorts. I got another pair of pants and three tops, and we looked at baby items and bought two more special toys. I still fear losing this baby every day.... every HOUR! But having these things will not make my grief worse if we lose this child. At least I will have some tokens of the time we spent together. Even with this new mentality, I have not gotten any of the major purchases. Partly it is still that fear, and partly it is the reality that much of that will be given to us at a baby shower at a later date. Onec the baby reaches the point of viability (which will be December for me), I think I will be much more confident about buying actual items like a sling, b___stpump, etcetera. We have plenty of time until then.


randi - October 31

i have my baby boys room set up and ready people has bought us so much and im having my baby shower the 5th ill be 23 weeks also the risk of lossing a child after 20 weeks is rare


vr - October 31

Hi all, Ths is my first pregnancy and i was wondering about the thing to buy before the baby is born. Anybody has the list of items??


Jennifer - October 31

I got lucky. I was given everything I could possibly need for my baby by friends and family members. I will only have to buy newborn sleepers. I was told at one point to not buy any clothes until the doctor could estimate the weight of the baby, because some newborn clothes fit 6 pound baby's and if you have a 8 pound and tall baby, the clothes won't fit.


K - October 31

One thing everybody needs to be aware of is that when you buy your crib, it can take three to even four months to come in. My friend almost didn't have a crib for her baby when he was born because she didn't know that and waited almost too late to order it. Hers took a little over three months. We ordered ours when I was 19 weeks. Of course, since we didn't have the room ready for it, mine only took two weeks to come in!


val - October 31

I have started buying baby stuff little bits at a time, I am in my 17th week. My dr. gave me the go ahead at our last appointment at 13 weeks that everything looked excellent(I have absolutely no complications thank God), and I am one of those people that has to be overprepared for everything, so I went ahead and started buying. We figured if we lost the baby it would be heartbreaking, and having the stuff wouldn't make it any worse. And we do plan to have more children, so if we DID happen to lose this one, God forbid, then we'd have all the stuff already for next time. We were given a ba__sinet, bouncer and swing and some onsies, and we have purchased the stroller/car seat combo, crib/mattress, and crib set. And a few small toys and books. We are going to buy the rest of the big stuff after Christmas, because our family plans on getting us baby stuff off our registry for Christmas presents. In the beginning I was really scared to buy anything...I bought a stuffed animal at 5 weeks and 2 little sleepers, to try to get my spirits up...I was just so terrified something was going to go wrong. But I realized if I spend the whole time worrying and not planning at all or buying things or getting excited about being pregnant, I was going to regret it! So now I am having fun planning and buying whatever we want, and just enjoying it to the fullest. I still worry don't get me wrong, but I am a lot better now than I was in the beginning because I am making an effort to be positive.


Mom2Lyssa - November 11

For my first pregnancy I waited until after all the baby showers and thought bought whatever I still needed (which wasn't much). So around my 8th month I started buying. I'm going to do the same for this baby. It is hard to wait, but it saved us a lot in the long run. But if you feel like buying a few things, I say go ahead! Enjoy!


Terra - November 16

I have bought the essentials.. and brought out the baby clothes etc from my first born.. I remember how hectic things can be.. But some people wait until their babyshower and then get the things people Didn't, it's cheaper! But I pretty much have everything I Need to start out with, could use a few more small items, but THAT will be for the baby shower, :) good luck


T - November 16

VR: have your main items listed: just for your own memory and so if people are buying for you, they don't all buy the same thing.. Baby seat, crib or ba__sinet, clothing ranging from newborn - 0-3 months for starter clothes. , recievinig blankets, stroller if the weather is good when your baby is born, but most people don't use one right away, bottles, *incase u can't beast feed* baby bath tub, ummm, what else do I have that I know I wouldn't want to get last minute... I don't know, I have alot of stuff from my first born, but that is some of the things I would have (not to mention the baby nail clippers and sets) , all my bath and cream needs. Diapers! good luck


Tess - November 16

1st pregnancy and I haven't bought a thing for our baby. We wanted to wait til we find out the gender.....Atleast I can focus on one thing and know what I should get him/her.



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