What Are The Risks Of A Big Baby

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Aisha E - November 4

I had my 6th ultra sound on yesterday at 28 weeks. My doctor is very confused because up until yesterday my baby girl was measuring normally. She is now measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule and she weighs 3.3 pounds. I have another ultra sound schedule for 12/1. My glucose test came back negative at 25 weeks. What is causing this extreme growth spurt and what are the side effects of a big baby?


Amber - November 4

Your original dates could have been incorrect :) Why so many ultrasounds?


louise - November 5

your baby girl may have been three weeks behind schedule, so they thought she was due hree weeks after your due date, but she may have now just caught up with herself. your probably actually 31 weeks. you should at least be happy with the fact that your baby is a growing girl and obviously strong and healthy


shelly - November 5

I wouldn't worry about it unless your doctor is. I went last week for an u/s and my doc said baby is measuring a little bit bigger, at 25 weeks he measured 2lbs, but she said not to worry. From my understanding, it's not always accurate anyways. Doctors told my friend she was having an 8 and a half lb. baby and delivered a 7lb 6oz. baby.


Aisha E - November 5

I had a girl due April 12 (funny this one has the same date ) But I had her March 21 and when she was born they said she was past due as the placentia was aged and her finger nails were very long they measure when the are very sm from head to rump but if the baby as someone said is slow going in the begging its hard to get a real date so I would say you may have a little girl sooner then you were told good luck to u and dont worry baby is just fine


To Aisha - November 5

Sorry last post should of said to its not her


Liana - November 7

My baby girl was born a month early and she weighed 6 pounds and 6 ounces!. She was a huge chunk ball and a lot bigger that expected. anyway it turned out they miscalculated my due date by 2 weeks


goblair - November 10

Large babies can have a harder time regulating thier blood sugar once they are born, or so my doctor once told me. I have had 3 big babies. After my 10lb baby they started inducing me earlier and earlier. #3 was induced 3 weeks early and he was 8lb 15 oz. I have never tested positive with my glucose tests. My big babies haven't had any problems. The only problem was after my 10 pounder I was sore...sore..sore.


mls - November 10

Doctors try to "pigeon hole" eveything. none of us are the same size, so what makes them think our babies will all be the same size is beyond me. best way to calclulate your due date is by your last menstral period, not by the size of the baby. you may just be having a whopper. biggest difficulty with a large baby is, of course, delivery. there's an increased risk of the shoulders getting stuck. beyond that.....just enjoy have a big fat, healthy baby!


bec - November 11

I agree with MLS - dr's shouldn't put us all into their own little boxes. My first was on time and weighed 6lb 9oz, my second was a week late and almost 10lb. I probably looked after myself much better in the first pregnany too - no toddler to run around after. The world is made up of short, tall, fat and thin people - that's what makes us all unique. good luck with bubs!!!



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