What Are You Naming Your Baby

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Faye84 - January 3

Thought this would be kind of fun, what names do you have picked out?


seanandmya - January 3

If it's a boy I am naming him Wayne Alan , Wayne after my uncle who pa__sed last year , he was only 20 , and Alan after dh , if it's a girl I really like the name Samantha , not too sure about a middle name yet !


TamaraAngel - January 3

For a girl i have chosen Abriella Sophia (Abby) and for a boy i can't decide! I like Nico, Tyler, Brandon, Jaden, Caden, and Skyler. I'm kinda leaning towards either Tyler Christiano or Nico Giovanni. What about you, Faye?


Kristin11 - January 3

We are naming our son Caden John. Caden because we both finally agreed on a name lol and john is my hubby's middle name which he was pa__sed down for his moms father. My daughter we named Ashley elizabeth, Ashley is my middle name and Elixaebeth is my mom's middle name.


Kristin11 - January 3

i love tyler!! My hubby didnt though. We has such a hard time agreeing on names for this baby. My daughter i let him pick out.


JustMe - January 3

Gavin "Douglas" or Gavin "James" will be my son's name... Something different, yet masculine in my eyes, i guess for him... Douglas is his daddy's fathers name, and James is my fathers name. So.... it will be one or the other... :)


aaaaaaaaaa - January 3

We're naming our son Hunter (no middle name)


Kristin11 - January 3

aaaaaaa I love the name Hunter but my hubby wouldnt agree to that either


aliciavr6 - January 3

avelyn lucille - girl....... cash jameson - boy


Stephie14 - January 3

We decided on Noah Alexander for a boy... For a girl we like Ani, Isabel, Skyler.... not sure about middle names.


Faye84 - January 3

Well I find out the s_x today, But if we have a boy Its going to be Gavyn ( no middle name yet!) and for a girl I really like Jordyn lynn or Kiley Lynn. what do you guys think? Do you liky Jordyn or kiley better? and what do you all think about Gavyn


Faye84 - January 3

Just me looks like we like the same boy name! hehe I cant think of a middle name that would go with gavyn though. All the names are soo cute!!


Kristin11 - January 3

I love kiley for a girl!!!


Faye84 - January 3

Do you? does Jordyn remind you of a boy name?


Faye84 - January 3

TamaraAngel~~ I love Tyler Christiano, Tyler was on my list for boy names I wanted.


lily10 - January 3

If I have a boy I am going to name him Ryan Patrick. I'm not sure about girls names yet. For the life of me I cant think of anything that I really love.


mommy2sean - January 3

Jaxon Avery for a boy & Jacklyn Harmony for a girl. We find out in 2 days! WHOOOO! :-)



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