What Are You Naming Your Baby

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Joelle - July 15

Hey i thought this would be a pretty cool question please get back so what are you ladies naming your baby? Im naming mine if its a boy Riley and a girl i have like 6 names lmao. Shyla,Shayla,Nevaeh,Lilly,Bella what are you fav names out of my girl names to? my boyfriend likes Bella alot and its pretty cute. anyways get back. PLEASE


Joelle - July 15

oh yeah and my Neices name is Zoe i thought it was a pretty cute name and shes adorable


Joelle - July 15

anyone????????????? why do ppl anore me on this site:(


Cookie - July 15

lol... i don't think people are ignoring you...I really like bella too....we just found out we are having a girl...we wanted to name her Marybelle but my mother hated it (and it's actually my two grandmother's names put together)...now we are going to call her Mackenzie Maria....we've been calling her lil' mack for short....good luck with the naming :-))


Joelle - July 15

Hey cookie aww those names are cute... Yeah i liked the name Mackenzie but my mom didnt my sister told me not to tell anyone my baby names and name it what i want when its born and people will look at the cute little face and just love it But yeah alot of people are saying Bella. It mean beautiful. whitch is cute to!!:)


mandee25 - July 15

Emma Grace or Samuel Andrew


tritty - July 15

if we have a girl she'll be katelin nicole, we'll call her kate, and if we have a boy he'll be ethan connor. out of your choices i like bella the best. it's really cute!


BriannasMummy - July 16

Its funny you listed Shyla on that list.. when i asked my four year old daughter what we should name our new baby if she happened to be a girl.. her response is : SHYLA or PURSY ( i think she a__sociates it with having a fabulous purse) or Zedra. I didnt know Shyla was a real name until recently. I really really really like it. Its a sweet simple name.


Aviendha416 - July 16

I came accross several names I like in my baby name search. Starting with GIRLS : Arwen, Celeste, Chloe, Daphne, Emerson, Gabrielle, Genevieve, Guinevere, Juliet, Lillian, Morgan, Nicolette, Olivia, Peyton, Quinn, Reina, Zoe....BOYS : Ethan, Gabriel, Justin, Leonardo, Maximus, Nathaniel, Oliver, Preston, Quentin, Roland, Sebastian, Theodore, Trevor, Xavier...


sahmof3 - July 16

I love Lilly and Bella. My three are Nathan, Leah and Justin. And I love my best friend's girl's name- Liliahn.


alley24 - July 16

I am having a boy and we are naming him benjamin clayton if we had a girl she would have been sarah elizabeth.


mcbanes_angel - July 16

i like lilly out of those. im naming my daughter Abigail Rose


NURSEJ - July 17

if i have a boy i am naming him Jovin Tyrell, if it is a girl i am naming her Jo'vinee Bonita. i mixed my husband's name and mine. Joi and Vincent.


charliepaulchloe - July 17

i already have a 7 yr old girl called Chloe, with this one I wanted something no-one I know had so we have picked Kiera-Leigh, we know its a girl but we had Keal for a boy. I have 4 nieces called Jade, Caitlin, Bethany, Leah and a nephew called Josh so we like all the modern names and I think Kiera-Leigh will go nice with all the others.


eclipse - July 17

We are naming our son Liam Charles. We are both of Scottish and Irish decent, and as for the middle name, have 5 Charles in the family.


KLT - July 17

We are having a girl - naming her Arabelle.


emz_88 - July 18

Hi i am 13 and 1/2 weeks pregnant with triplets (not planed), and i have come up with Cameron, Campbell and Alexander for boys and Alexandra, Alexis, Kayla, and Rowan for girls, cant wait for my little angels to arive now. best of luck to everyone with names. x x



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