What Bum And Thigh Exercises Are Safe To Do In Pregnancy

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Chicken legs - June 3

I'm 19 weeks pregnant, what bum and thigh excercises can I do safely? Has anyone else noticed an increase in cellulite since being pregnant? I hardly had any before and now my bum and the backs of my thighs are covered :(


Jennifer - June 3

I have also noticed this on myself. I looked at myself from the back yesterday and was horrified! But I think there is hope for us. I bought a magazine called fit pregnancy it had excercies for your arms legs and b___t. I think I'm going to give them a try


Chicken legs - June 3

Hi Jennifer, I'm glad I'm not alone here! I will have a look out for that kind of magazine! Just out of interest where are you from? I'm in the UK, but I know a lot of lady's on here are from USA.


Misty - June 3

I would think lunges and squats would be fine. I'm not positive though so you should call your doc before doing them. But they are some of the best exercises for your bum and thighs aren't they? I don't see how it could hurt anything with the pregnancy. But there are weirder things that we can't do. :-) So just ask your doc first. I was in that position where I feel like I am gaining too much but just fat and not baby weight. I haven't been exercising at all. So I decided just last night that I would start daily walks. I wish you all lots and lots of luck.


tara - June 3

i have the same cellulite problem. Someone suggested the 'Fire engine' exercise to me. You get down on all fours and lift one knee up parralel to your body as far as you can (kinda like when a dog is peeing next to the fire engine!)...do this as many times as you like and then switch. I have tryed it a few times and it feels good on the thighs. For the b___t you do the same thing but move your leg back and up.


jennifer - June 3

Hi Chicken legs! I live in the U.S. It's good to know that there are women all over going through the same thing that I am. It's weird because I haven't gained that much weight yet (I'm sure my time is coming) but I look liked I've gained 10 pounds across my b___t and hips. Other women tell me that your weight re-distributes itself when you're pregnant. But I don'tsee were any is gone from somewhere else you know!


m - June 3

probably the best exercise for the backs of the thighs and the b___t, is to get on all fours, that would be your knees and elbows (not hands). Take the right knee, lift it behind you so the front of your thigh is parallel to the floor. Straighten out your foot so it's parallel to the ceiling. Now lift, very small lifts, like 4-6 inches. Do this up and down motion about 40-50 times on each leg. It doesn't feel like much, but it does work wonders.



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