What Can I Eat

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ShellyC - January 12

I get so concerned about all the things they say you shouldn't eat...like hot dogs. I love hot dogs and would LOVE an Italian hot dog, but they are no-nos. Now, I really want kielbasa...does anybody know if this is o.k.? I'm thinking it's probably similar to hot dogs.


Steph - January 12

Just make sure that the hot dog is cooked fully and hot. You can have em. Just not cold. :o)


w0w - January 12

i never knew you couldn't eat hot dogs...... why not? and what other things shouldn't i be eating?


Love em! - January 12

I eat hot dogs all the time.....just mae sure they are cooked all the way--I put mine in the microwave and when it starts to split open, thats when i know its cooked! but I crave hot dogs with cheese, relish , ketchup and mustard like daily!!


Deb - January 12

They don't recommend eating cold hotdogs because they could carry listeria. As long as the hotdogs are cooked well and hot, any listeria bacteria would be killed.


Heather L - January 12

I ate hotdogs, kielbasa, summer sausage the whole time I was pregnant with my sons. They are both fine. Key word is COOKED.


Cabbie - January 12

My dr gave me a whole list of things not to eat. Basically no lunch meat or hot dogs unless steaming due to listeria. No milk products unless they are made from pasturized milk (almost all are). Limit seafood to one serving per week due to mercury or pesticides. This is my third child and the first time I have been given such an extensive lists of no no foods and conditions.


Kathy - January 13

Food issues have changed so much in recent years that foods we ate during earlier pregnancies (like tuna fish!) are now really out of the question, as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't mess around with mercury, which can cause awful birth defects and DOES in fish already, and as yummy as hot dogs are, I would ONLY eat all beef ones. Otherwise you're eating the hoofs of pigs and other really revolting animal parts. (My friend recently bit into what seemed like a tumor in a hot dog and threw up. It was awful.) Try Smart Dogs with ketchup, mustard and relish--they're amazingly good and full of nutrients.


the problem with - January 13

hot dogs and some deli meats are what these ladies mentioned but in addition most contain nitrites and nitrates. Some doctors caution against these while pregnant.


Cabbie - January 13

This is the seafood list my dr gave me: DO NOT EAT: gulf coast oysters, halibut, large mouth ba__s, marlin, pike, sea ba__s, shark, swordfish, tilefish, walleye, white croaker, king mackerel, tuna steaks LIMIT TO ONCE A MONTH: canned tuna, blue mussels, cod, eastern systers, gulf of mexico, blue crab, lake whitefish, mahi-mahi, pollock, wild channel catfish, great lakessalmon NO LIMITATIONS: CROAKER, FARM RAISED CATFISH, RARM RAISED TROUT, FISH STICKS, FLOUNDER, HADDOCK, MID ATLANTIC BLUE CRAB, SHRIMP, WILD PACIFIC, SALMON No milk products unless from pasturized milk. No pates or meat spreads. No refrigerated smoked seafood unless cooked in a dish. Anyway like I said this is kid #3 and the first time I've been given limitations like these. Amazing.


Shelly C - January 13

I am Polish and my doctor said it was fine to eat kielbasa :) Just make sure that its cooke well.



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