What Craving Are You Having During Your Pregnancy

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? - October 30

What craving are you having during your pregnancy.


? - October 30

(Sweets) jollyrancher, plums am having a boy. What about you


Suzie - October 30

breakfast foods. Sausage, hashbrowns, and eggs.


Erin - October 30

peanut b___ter


gina - October 30



christi - October 30

anything with a fruity flavor


Lisa - October 30

I've had so many so far...strawberries in my cereal, lobster and crab, potato salad, pasta salad w/Balsamic vinagerette, sour jujubes, homemade hamburgers, PB&J sandwiches, boiled eggs, ice cold milk, ice cold pop, egg salad, pineapple, chocolate, ice cream, chocolate cake, pies...I gave into everything and I eat it. Once I do I find I don't eat a lot of it and I'm not thinking about it all the time, I move onto something new to crave. I've been really good with the weight gain too, so I'm doing something right!


Emy - October 30

Carbs, carbs and more carbs!


bec - October 31

chinese food, OJ and roast pork with heaps of crackling!!!


Crystal - October 31

First three months - strawberries, nothing but! Then it was tomato soup...but now, hmmm...mostly pankcakes w/peanut b___ter & syrup and hot chocolate.


Eileen - October 31

the first three months i would sit down and eat nothing but BIG fruit salads and lots of watermelon...now i eat lots of cereal and milk--which milk usually gives me a stomach ache but, not any more....i eat cereal every night before bed....i'm 27 weeks and counting


dani - October 31

Emy, I hear ya on the carbs. Wow, love them too.


Jodi - October 31

TACOS!! I love Tacos! In the beginning it was hot chocolate, even when it was warm outside. Also pepsi, and now it tacos and dr.pepper. I love the taste of dr.pepper and tacos!! I could go for some taco bell right now, or for that matter anytime...haha



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