What Do I Need To Buy For My New Baby

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nanders - January 13

Hello! I'm trying to decide if I should have my baby shower before or after the baby comes. I'm hoping for after, but this is my first baby and I'm not even sure of everything I'm going to need. What do I need before the baby comes in order to be prepared for it's arrival! I've already got a crib and change table, etc. But as for clothes and blankets, diapers, etc. I have no idea! If I choose to wait and have the shower after, what are the nessecities I need to buy for my baby?. I want to be prepared, and have no idea what I'm doing!!! can someone please provide me a list of stuff to buy before my wee one arrives! Thankyou so much!! Once I know how much I need I can decide when to have my shower, and what I need to be buying now!!


jodie - January 13

I would definatly have my shower first. With my son I had a couple of showers and then I was able to decide what was left to buy. We registered at Babies r Us that way people kind of knew what we needed. We bought the big stuff like the crib, changin table, rocking chair and stuff like that. At the shower we got our swing, high chair, and all the little neccesities. When you register at places they usually give you a great check off list of the things you will definatly need. Good luck!!!


Kristin11 - January 13

Hey nanders, well obviosly you will need the crib which you said you have. I personally like to have a swing for the baby when your arms need a rest,you dont have to though. You will need extra crib sheets and if using a ba__sinet extra ba__sinet sheet, you never know when babies will decide to spit up and you dotn want to have to do laundry 300 times a day. I also like to have planty of reciving blankets, they work great for bunting the baby, or even using as a burp cloth. As far as clothes you would really only need enough clothing to get through a week that way you at least have a couple days without laundry (even if you have ti change baby couple times a day) i like to have extra clothing though because babys do tend to spit up. If you are bottle feeding you will need formula and bottles, if not you have the equipment lol. Definetly need diapers, i wouldnt buy alot of newborn sized diapers you'll never use them all up. I start with size ones. Thats about all i can think of for must have, other than that it a personal wants and needs list. I hope this helps. oh and dont forget you will need items like shampoo ect.


excited2bemama - January 13

Carseat, stroller, blankets, bath towel and wash clothes - lots of onsies sleepers and outfits.socks, bath stuff like baby wash and and maybe a bath tub thingie u you are gonna use one. I went out today and bought some pacifers and crib sheets and a changing pad and covers- also a crib mattriess pad.


niccki - January 14

I would go with before too. This way you only have to buy want you didn't get. Also, you would be able to wash things like the baby clothes and sheets for the crib, ba__sinett sheets, bottles and things before the baby arrives. I registered at Babies R Us and Target. At Babies R Us they give you a nice little booklet with items that most new parents need. I found it helpful also my husband as much as he dreads shopping, loved using the scan gun, I couldn't get it away from him. (I had to register early because my work friends are throwing me a shower next week.) We also bought our own crib, dresser, and most of the nursery stufff-bedding, border, wall hangings. My husband is a little ADHD and likes to get everything done. Hope this helps! Best wishes!


Val - January 14

Hi Nanders... I agree about having the shower before the baby comes. A good resource for what you'll need is online at the website for Consumer Reports magazine. They also have good articles about what to look for in cribs, carseats, etc. I've found that their list (since they aren't trying to sell you anything) is more concise that what you'll get from Babies R Us. But you might need an account to access some of their info. Good luck!


nanders - January 15

Thanks ladies! you have really helped!!! I think I finally have a list made! I'm going to get some new mom friends to check it b/c I'm sure I've forgotten something! I have decided to have the big baby shower after! We have alot of family that lives far away and they would like to come meet the baby at the same time! Many have offered to buy a gift in advance like aunts so we are ready when the baby comes and just send it to us or with sears they can ship it right to us! I was amazed they offered to do that for us! But I guess they understand! Thanks for all your help!



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