What Do Kicks Feel Like

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Rose - April 5

20 weeks i started feeling what I think may be kicks. I got my first quick pain under my right rib and then later that evening I began to feel it under both ribs, a few days later, I started to feel quick pains in my lower abs, under my belly on both sides, some times the pains are kind of sharp, and I have to kind of wait them out, no longer than a few seconds, could these be kicks what kicks feel like


Raye Lynn - April 5

I have never felt them before, but I dont think the ones under the ribs were. The uterus isnt that high up yet I dont think. The pains could be ligaments stretching. I hope I feel something soon. Good luck


Jenn - April 6

Kicks are more like twitches, or gas bubbles, they are not painful. Raye Lynn might be right, it could have been stretching.


Nick - April 6

I started feeling twinges last week(19 weeks). Are you saying that is supposed to be a kick? I thought a kick would feel more like being kicked.


Jenn - April 6

Yeah that would be a kick, they will get alot stronger over the next few weeks, but that would have been a kick.


Shona - April 6

I'm 23 weeks gone and my kicks feel like little flutters in my belly OR feels like popcorn!!


Nick - April 6

I'm not sure what it's suppose to feel like either. Mine actually feel like quick cramping pain, and I get some below my rids, across my stomach and under my belly, especially after I eat


Leahp - April 7

hi ladies, I was eating some hot mexican food around my 15th week and all of the sudden I felt three pops in a row!!! Is that the little guy?? It sure couldn't of been gas, but now it's been a week and a half and I haven't felt anything, I thought maybe a little pop but the gas build up was big that day, so I was unsure!


New_mom - April 7

Leahp, that happen to me one time. I was eating spicy food around 13 or 14 wks and it felt like a b___terfly in my stomach. I wasn't sure either.



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