What Do U Gals Think Of 3d U S

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goldfish - January 4

iam tempted to get a 3d u/s but dont know wheather i should go ahead . have you guys got it done are those safe?. looks expensive and no insurance right?.


goldfish - January 4

hello gals anyone there


sarah21 - January 4

Well here in TX they have a $100 special to get it done. My midwife half talked me out of it because sometimes they can be kind of creepy looking since they can see like the brain and stuff. She said a lot of times it's hard to get a good image, too, and so I decided not to do it. Plus it leaves a little more surprise for the delivery to see what the little one looks like. Really though they're not that expensive, so if you want to do one, google it for your area and see what specials you can find. Also they are no more dangerous than regular ultrasounds but most insurance will not cover it.


cors1wfe - January 4

I am thinking of doing it merely because I want to find out the s_x before 26 weeks which is when my doctor orders the second u/s it's pretty resonable and you get get a dvd of your ultrasound I wouldn't be that into what the baby might look like I just want to find out the s_x! LOL


Gemini_Girl - January 4

Hi, personally I didnt have one, but my cousin did when she was 31weeks gone, she already knew the s_x, I dont think there is anything dangerous about having it done, but her little girl had her arms right infront of her face the whole time and wouldnt budge it was quite costly £180 (UK) she got a DVD and pics but it didnt go as well as it could have!


mommybabyboy21 - January 5

I got one done when i was pregnant i swear my baby looked like goluim hatching from an egg. the cool thing was my insurance covered all but $60 and I got lots of pictures and a video...


Cevvin - January 5

My ob/gyn has one so, if we get an ultrasound, we get a 3d as well.


ChattyKathy - January 5

If you want to find out the gender you can do so pretty accurately through a regular ultrasound that the doctor will offer you as part of prenatal care. But if you'd like to get a sneak peak at your little one, I will say that I've seen plenty of 3d ultrasound shots that are absolutely stunning, not to mention a video that was amazing to watch. I am considering doing this, myself, once I see how much extra money I have from savings after we buy the rest of our baby things.


bubbasmom - January 6

I wanted one with my son but opted out. By obygn now offers it (not covered by insurance) and I will definitely get it with this pregnancy. I am also goin to bring my son so that he will "get it" a bit more than just a regular ultrasound.


beardtl - January 6

my dr office offers it for $250 (NC) but when I found out the s_x the x-ray tech kinda talked us out of it. Not that its unsafe but just sometimes not worth the $ b/c you may or may not get a good pic of the baby's face. My co-worker had one done and she said it is very creepy and does not recommend it.



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