What Do You Crave

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Rachel - October 29

Ok so here is a question out of pure curiosity. What do you crave? Up to my 12th week all I wanted was eggs and red meat. I would eat these and think I was melting into my chair because they hit the spot so incredibly strong. I stomped the floor and would say Mmmmmm the whole time. (wow, that was a feeling and prior to pregnancy I hated eggs and rarely ate meat) Anyhow...since then, I have not had any cravings. So what do you crave, or have you craved and how far along are you? Thanks.


Renee - October 29

Hi Rachel, I am 12w3d along and I crave peanut b___ter and banana sandwiches with a side of hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper on them. Everyone thinks its soooo gross but I love it!! I have been eating a lot more eggs since being preggo, but meat doesn't sound appealing to me anymore. I need to get my protein from other sources because sometimes even thinking about eating meat makes me want to hurl. I expect that the cravings will come on stronger further on in the second trimester.


Rachel - October 29

Renee...my OB told me an old wise tale. She asked what I have been eating in my first appt and when I told her she said there is an old wise tale that women who crave protein a lot in their first trimester are having a boy. So since we are not going to find out what the s_x of our baby is...we will have to see if her wise tale is true. And so far in my second trimester...I don't have any cravings. Nothing sounds good, nothing sounds bad. Guess I'm getting all the nutrients needed for the time being??? In my 1st trimester the thought of bread and pasta sent me hurling. Strange huh?


Tracy - October 29

The other day when we went grocery shopping I had my first craving, I was craving sauerkraut. Who knows why, but I just wanted it so bad and sat down when I got home and ate the whole can. My husband was so grossed out as he hates it and even the smell of it turns him off. Oh well, I can't help it!! Oh ya, I am 14 weeks 1 day and nothing other than that seems to give me any feelings one way or another.


Samantha - October 29

Im 24w2d along and I crave PIZZA-pepperoni with black olives! I always want it ALL the time! Even at middle of the night, I woke up wanting pizza so bad! =P


Sherry - October 29

I'm 21 weeks and have been craving peanut b___ter and raspberry jelly/jam on toast, perogies and oddly I've been craving root beer (for someone who never liked pop, this is odd)


Christi - October 29

I am 21 weeks. The first few months I wanted nothing. The though of food made me sick. i did however start craving spinach and cabbage with lots of vinegar. I then started craving beef jerky with chocolate milk.... then a strange mixture of orange juice nad chocolate milk. Now... really all I ever really want is straight up chocolate milk and some doughnuts....lol. I went from strange to somwhat normal. Chocolate milk is good all the time though.


Beth - October 29

I am 26 weeks and all I want is ice cream and pizza hut pan pizza. Its funny ya'all crave eggs because that was the first thing I realized I couldn't eat anymore.


Ashley - October 29

CHEESE!!!!! Since almost the very beginning! Also, every morning (and today a lunch!) I toast an English muffin, sandwhich an egg and two pieces of Canadian bacon with Velveta cheese and it is INCREDIBLE!! Once I was pregnant I went from rootbeer to sprite. I've never drank Sprite!!!


Melody - October 29

My cravings actually hinted to me that I was pregnant in the first place. Everything I ate had to have mustard on it. I figured that the craving was weird and took a pregnancy test on a hunch...obviously positive since I'm posting this. Nowadays, it seems like anything chocolate will do. And I have to have chili cheese fries at least once a week. I could eat those things for days. I'm at 18 weeks right now and still have the strong cravings.



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