What Do You Sucker Your Man Into Doing For You

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L - August 29

Hi all! Just wondering what you get your hubby/man to do for you while you are pregnant? My hubby rubs lotion on my back every night cause it gets really dry...... anyone else have anything strange or odd/neat?


Ashley - August 29

This is probably kind of odd but it means alot to me. I grew up with my dad (& mom) and three brothers and I thought all guys were pretty much the same. My dh comes to me when everyone else I know would be avoiding me, gently puts his arms around me and whispers to me while I heave in the sink. It means so much to me and for weeks I tried to push him away but he kept coming back and to know he really wants to comfort me means alot more than he thinks!


Michelle - August 29

My husband has been great with helping me around the house. I come dinner is cooked, he buys flowers. Does anything he can to make me smile. I love it.


Sonia - August 29

My boyfriend rubs my belly everytime he gets the chance, I love that and I'm hoping he can feel the baby move himself soon, I'm only 18 weeks so he can't geel a thing yet.


Sonia - August 29

Sorry! I meant can't FEEL a thing.


shanna - August 29

I normally prop my legs on my hubbys lap while we are watching a movie, and if I happen to get an itch on the bottom part of my leg or my feet, guess who gets to scratch it? He carries everything for me and even felt our baby move the other night, felt like a little frog in there!


Christy - August 30

Yes my husband absoutly loves to talk into my belly. With our first child he was so excited he tried to teach her the abc's in spanish. He cant wait to start on this one. lol


jessielouwho - August 30

Awww :o( my boyfriend is working in Texas (I'm in Michigan). He talks to the baby while I hold the phone to my belly. I wish he were here.


Mendi - August 30

Aww jessielou that's so sad but yet sweet at the same time. When does he get back? My fiance will talk to my belly and rub it. So far we're sharing most of the chores, but now he gets to change the kitty litter!! Doesnt sound like much, but he HATES it haha. Oh, and like I loved it!


jessielouwho - August 31

We don't know when he'll be back, it's a big project. It really sucks and it's preventing us from doing alot of things we wanted to do before the baby gets here, like buy a house, but it's a good job and we just don't know what to do, they won't give him FMLA until the baby is born. They said he could take a leave of absence to come home before then but then his job isn't gauranteed.



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