What Do You Think Of Tannis For A Boys Name

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Jessie - May 9

My husband really likes the name, I dont know how I feel about it. I trust you guys, what do you think. Tannis????


Karen - May 9

Hmm...I wouldn't name my son that. It's courting disaster.


Tarah - May 9

It's very interesting. I honestly wouldn't name my baby that, but if you both agree on it, I say go for it! If you don't like it, then just tell your hubby and try to come up with a name you both like! Good luck! =)


: { - May 9

I don't like that name at all. "Tannis anyone" YICK! (you asked! JMHO)


V - May 9

What about Tanner? I knew a guy once with that name


Amara - May 9

*chuckling* at : { ... *shaking her head* That's what I taught too... Tannis... Tennis... Nah... you should pick a name that you both like... What do you like Jessie?


Jessie - May 9

I like Joseph alot. Hes ok with it, but wants to keep looking. I compromised with him and said how about Joseph Tannis Black......but still Tannis, he wont let it go!


Heidi - May 9

Ha ha! Tannis Root from Rosemary's Baby? Ha ha! Tanner is cute. My golden retriever is named Tanner. It's a cute name.


Katharine - May 9

Yeah, I would be a little freaked about the Rosemary's Baby connection. Has your husband recently come into very good luck and your elderly neighbors befriended you?


Heidi - May 9

Just don't drink the homemade herbal remedies the old lady gives you. Hee hee! Sorry, just can't get past the movie deal. Have your hubby watch the movie and he'll change his mind real quick. LOL !


Wanda - May 9

I don't like it. You can be sure if you name him Tannis, that people will mistake it for Dennis. It sounds cute for a little baby boy in a ba__sinette, but for a teenage boy, that just don't work.


Steph - May 9



jb - May 9

no thank you!


lyn - May 9

My friends WIFE is named Tannis. It's a girls name not a boys name.


Tammy - May 10

Wouldn't be my choice. My given name is Tamara and I hated it all through school. I got teased always. I was told last week on my u/s that they thought they saw "something". If indeed they did, the name will be Luca Alexander.


666 - May 10

Tamara's a nice name.


Heidi - May 10

If you like the sound of Tannis, how about Ferris? That's a girl or boy's name.



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