What Do You Think Of This Name

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Allie - March 10

I was just wondering what you think of this name for a little baby girl ~ Darien Elizabeth or Darien Nichole ~?


rae - March 10

i like them


Danielle - March 10

Very creative, but it sounds more like a boy's name, which may make things difficult for her in grade school. Good luck choosing though!


Heather - March 10

i prefer Darien Nichole personally.


kat - March 11

i prefer darien nichole


**** - March 11

Darien is a boys name. How bout Daria for a girl?


Rachel* - March 14

If Darien is a boy's name, how about Darienne or Dariane for a girl. Pronounced the same but looks more femanine.


Katharine - March 16

Ro is easy enough, though : )


Kallie - April 5

I like Elizabeth but not Darien or Nichole


tara - April 5

Oh, I meant to say that Darien (and the other variations) are simple enough to say and I don't think your baby will run into problems that i had.


Raye Lynn - April 5

I like both. Dont worry what others think. This is your child. If you like it, go with it. Kids are going to be teased about something or another. Its not a boys name because it would be your daughters name. My name was shortened to Raye in school. yeah, i got ribbed for having a boys name, but I love it. To this day, my close friends and husband still call me Raye. Call her by both names if your concerned about it. I think they are beautiful.


m - April 5

I agree with Roisin. The name Darien seems 'unique' for a girl. I always wonder why people even think of naming their child some 'different' kind of name. The parent doesn't have to bear the name. I guess the question, is would you, the mother like to have that name? Darien is not a very pretty name, in my opinion. It's kinda like "yuck" - Daria, now that's


rachel - April 5

daria sounds too much like diarrhea. Allie, if you and your husband like it, go with it. Dont worry about what anyone else likes or does not like. they are both perfect names. "Unique" names are beautiful.


Nick - April 5

i know a little girl named Darien and I think it is nice name for a girl.


Kara - April 6

Um, I have Darrien on my short list as a good boys name!


Hilary - April 6

I like them both. Darien Elizabeth seems to flow especially well.


Foxy - April 6

Hmm...Darien sounds like a boy's name to me too. I guess it depends where you are from. I'm in the UK, so it sounds a bit odd to me. Having said that, there's a lot of children with unusual names here now, so maybe I'm just boring. :-)



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