What Do You Want Your Baby To Have

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heatherjene - March 4

I saw this on the 3rd tri. and thought we could have fun with this..... So ladies what traits do you want baby to have from mommy & daddy?


heatherjene - March 4

I'm gonna say- I want lo to have dh's laid back personality & patience while having my blue eyes. I also would love for the baby to have his cute lil' ears.


stefkay - March 4

Oh! how funny...i'd have to say the same on our baby having his laid back personality and patience--I pray she doesn't get my high strung anxiety ;) I'd like her to have my creativity and ambition. His mouth (s_xy lips and perfect teeth) and my blue eyes and blond hair.


softbreeze200 - March 4

I would love our baby to have daddy's huge cheek dimples! And my blond haor and blue eyes. OH MAN and my small head!! My husbands side of the family all have big heads andthat scares the heck out of me!! I am not sure that would come out of me!! lol!! Great post!!


heatherjene - March 4

LMAO... on the big head. That's hilarious!


gabby509 - March 4

Yeah I've been reading this on the third tri board and really thought it was a good idea. Well I hope our baby has my fiance's fun-loving outgoing personality, everybody loves him and his laugh is infectious. I also hope baby gets his hazel eyes and blond hair. But I'd love for baby to have my sense of responsibility and my teeth, haha, I don't even know why I say that, I wore braces for 4 years.


luckymenm23 - March 4

i would love my little girl to have daddys lips and teeth and my blue eyes. Also my patience and personality.


LeslieM - March 4

my husbands calm demeanor, both of our senses of grat_tude, his ability to see the importance of being kind to all, my nurturing side and both of our loving and affectionate sides.


cors1wfe - March 4

I would love for Megan to have my personality and non-temper - my dh is red head so you know his temper is bad - and I'd like her to have my hubby's eyes nut my hazel color....LOL also my hubby's creativity and drive.


softbreeze200 - March 4

Seriously heather - I am worried, both of my SIL on that side sad to pray that the baby takes after me for the head size!! Yikes!!


fefer1 - March 4

hmmm...his daddy's easy going nature and cute nose and sense of humor. From me...my nice thick, dark wavy hair - not his daddy's grey. :)


boodahbaby - March 4

I'd have to say I have thought a lot about this bc my SIL is 1/2 Korean and my bro is a redhead and I thought that would be awesome, but the Korean genes took over in their first with no sign of red hair... but awesome skin! I wish for my baby to have hubby's blue eyes, my brown hair and skin. (my hubby has fair skin and i dont wish that on anyone) my teeth and my husbands physique... he can eat anything and not gain an ounce!


Precious - March 4

i think i would want my baby to have her dads hair!! super curly.. my nose, his eyes, and his great sense of humor!! but my seriousness too haha a lil bit of everything.. but i dont want her to have his nose or ears!! lol


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 4

Softbreeze, my DH has a big head too, my daughter was only 5lbs 14oz and had his head, so I was glad she was small but at the same time I have no clue how this one will turn out



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