What Does Baby Moving Feel Like

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Jill - November 13

What does it feel like when you begin to feel the baby? I will be 17 weeks this Wednesday. For the past few days I have felt this occasional weird gurgling feeling. It feels like someone is blowing bubbles with a straw. Baby or gas? LOL


Lindsay - November 13

If you don't fart-baby :) When I felt mine it felt like those weird little muscle spasms you get in your eyelid sometimes, but in my stomach instead. They were very gentle. Some people say tickling or light tapping or swishing like a little fish flopping in a plastic bag. I felt mine around 17.5 weeks, by the next week and a half, they were def recognizable as baby and if my bf pushed his hand firmly on my belly he could feel them already. A week after that she was not tapping, but kicking, and now I'm 22 weeks and she's quit kicking me the last week. All I have felt is hiccups and her jump when my mom yelled at our dog.


sparkles - November 13

I started feeling my little one at 13 weeks. I have a very active baby! I have a feeling of something turning or moving in my lower abdomen-right where the baby is laying. It's like a weird ticklish feeling! When it started, I knew it was the baby! I know what gas or your bowels feel like and this definately wasn't it. I have been getting this feeling/movement consistently since then and can now decipher if the baby is laying sideways or up and down by where the feeling is located. The other day, he was kicking straight down on my bladder, but today he's sideways and kicking more on the left side. Trust your instincts as a mommy. If you really think that your feeling your little munchkin, then you probably are! Congrats!


jb - November 13

I first felt the baby at 18 weeks. Felt like a very smal twitch or muscle spasm very low in my stomach. I never really felt flutters.


Jill - November 13

Lindasay, I love your first comment, plain and simple! LOL Then I guess it must be it! Yeah, I didn't really think it was gas. That, uh, starts high and moves low. This is the same spot all the time. I guess it just freaked me out because it feels like the baby is haveing a seizure, it's just SO fast. I guess maybe it's some kind of vibration on your uterus? Kind of like they way they hit those boxing speed bags- the boxer is moving at a normal speed but the little bag is moving a mile a minute!


Karen - November 13

I too do not know if I am feeling baby or not! I'm a plus size girl and was told that with the little bit of added weight - it may be tougher and take longer to feel movement. I am 18 weeks and three days today and just felt like a popped bubble on my far right side but isn't that too far to the side?!! And I do feel the bubble sensation and there's no gas that follows - :o).... My midwife told me that since baby still sits just below my belly b___ton - movement should be concentrated in my lower abdomen but sometimes I feel strange sensations above it...could this be a rippling effect? I just don't know what to think...anyone else in the same boat?


Lindsay - November 13

Karen- I've heard a lot of women get in arguments about feelings in the upper body. The baby at 18.5 weeks should be contained below your belly b___ton but I believe the tickling sensations are so weird, sometimes they trigger nerves in other areas of the body. For instance, when I scratch my bellyb___ton with my fingernail, I can feel it on my left shoulder...so if you have continuous weird little feelings in your upper body, you might be having some nerve sensations crossed. If its not that, you might be feeling things stretching making room for a growth spurt, your muscles and skin and organs are gonna be moving around a lot and you will feel them sometimes, which means baby's growth will follow soon and you'll feel him/her for sure. I had a HUGE growth spurt at 18.5 weeks exactly, woke up one morning and was like WOAH I'm HUGE! That week the little tiny taps I felt turned to kicks and I could see them looking at my bump. Even though you are plus sized, I think you'll probably feel your baby soon, I haven't seen a whole lot of women go past 20 weeks without feeling something, although there have been a few, I don't think weight would have too much to do with you feeling the baby, just maybe your dh being able to feel movement from the outside. Hey, you're at the best part, the first time you start to feel baby is really cool! Hope that helped a little, congrats :)


P.P - November 13

That's exactly how i explained it to people. I first felt the baby move at about 18 weeks and it felt like a bubble bursting. I am now almost 23 weeks and it is definitely much stronger but i'm not sure if is kicking yet.


to Jill - November 13

If you're this far along & it feels like something you've never quite felt before... that's most likely what it is. Congratulations!


Angie - November 14

I have a strange question. I thought I've been feeling my baby for weeks! Little tickles here and there. Now I'm feeling full b__wn spasms that move my abdomen. Could that be the baby or is something wrong? I'm getting nervous. It feels so different. I don't know if it is because she is growing or what.



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