What Does The First Kick Feel Like

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kare - June 3

im 19 weeks tomorrow. every now and again i feel some slight movement, but nothing that i can recognise as a push or a kick. im just curious what it feels like..


naomi - June 3

hi i am 18 weeks into my seconds pregnancy, I felt my baby kick at 16 weeks. ( 2nd , 3rd ... feel baby kick early that first) To start with I felt a small pushing feeling on the lower right side not far from my hip. Last pregnancy I felt bubbles in the same place. I find that I feel the baby move when I curl up on my side in bed or sit with my knees toward my tummy. You will feel it soon


kim j - June 3

It can be hard to determine if it is your baby or gas at first..lol With my first I was about 20 weeks before I could really feel the baby. I am about 17 weeks with my second and i can feel something going on but it is very light. Befroe long you will think your baby is trying to get out of your tummy.lol


Mythili - June 3

Same here I am 17 weeks pregnant and I feel bubbles, flutters and weird things in my tummy but nothing that feels like a kick. I am really confused,


kare - June 5

so.. kicks and pushes might start soon in the coming weeks? i have my 19 week scan this afternoon and i am so keen to see our little one playing in there!


lele - June 18

im 18 weeks 2 days and all i feel is little flicks in my tummy that would like like kicks i guess first baby i never felt anything eles


stephanie - June 19

It kind of feels like a big pulse inside you,But everyone has their own opinon.


Christy - June 19

I am 17 weeks as of yesterday and I think I have been feeling the baby move recently. It was like a little poke with bubbles from the inside about an inch below my navel. I have felt it a few times each day since Thursday. I also have felt the big pulse sensation (tonight actually) that Stephanie described.


mama2be - June 19

I'm 14 weeks with twins and I felt them or at least one of them move.. to me, the best way I can describe it at first is like someone blew a bubble with bubble gum and it popped, and that was what it feels like.. its very light, with is why I compare it to gum and not a balloon (wouldn't that be scary?!) lol, my first u/s was at 11w6d, and sure enough one of the twins looked like it was running a marathon, squirming lots. I know its unusual to feel so soon, but they're twins, so it makes sense. oh and one time I was laying on my belly, and it felt like a tickle that wasn't extremely ticklish, it actually made me laugh, because I just know its them pokin me to make sure I remember they're there. so cute! :)


Mary - June 20

I started feeling kicks at 21 weeks, kare. They are like tugs and they are sudden and strong.


Carol - June 20

Hi, I'm 20 weeks and feel light flutters and bubbles etc, but it's not consistant. Am I suppose to feel them everyday at these stage?



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