What Does Your Name Mean

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jennifer_33106 - November 4

I am just curious. What does everyones screen name mean? Mine is Jennifer because that is my name and 33106 is our wedding annivesary 3-31-06.


melluvsmik - November 4

My name is Melissa, my hubby's is mike, hence mel luvs mik


BeccaBaby1 - November 5

Mine is pretty simple... I'm Becca and this is baby 1 for me.


Mel Page - November 5

Mine is also easy, Mel for Melony and Page is my surname.


Chris1975 - November 5

My name is Christine (get called Chris usually) , and born in 1975 :)


mama keya - November 5

Well I'm already the mama of 3 and my name is actually Takeya


Daynae79 - November 5

my name is Dayna..maiden name started w/ and E and i was born in 1979.


jazminesmom - November 5

well i have a daughter named jazmine, so i am jazminesmom


corbin289 - November 5

Corbin is my son's name and 289 is out address. My real name is Sadie.


jennifer_33106 - November 5

haha great! Now I feel closer to everyone!! haha Takeya~ How do you pronounce that?


mama keya - November 5

Hi Jennifer it is pronounced Ta Kia like the car (Takeya)


Gemini_Girl - November 5

hehe this is fun! mine is gemini as thats my star sign and girl as I am a girl :)


mama keya - November 5

I'm a Gemini too,


sarah21 - November 5

My name is Sarah and I'm 21 years old.


jennifer_33106 - November 5

Takeya That is such a pretty name!! I have never heard it!! Where are you from?


mama keya - November 5

LOL, I'm from Chicago, but now resides in Nashville. And I've heard quite a few people named Takeya and some even older then me. T' Kiha, TaKia, Takeyah, and it even in some baby books.


mama keya - November 5

Oh Sorry I meant to add Thanks I'm glad you like my name, I'm planning on using Teneal for my baby if its a girl after this sweet lady I met on here in the problems conceiving board. And if its a boy it will be Terrence. My DH is Tyrone, my oldest DD is Taylor, DD Tarynn, and my DS is Tyler so we all will be the T Family, LOL



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