What Exactly Is 8 Glasses Of Water

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Melissa - May 4

Everything I read says that it is so important to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. This is very hard for me. Now, I drink orange juice at breakfast and milk at lunch, do these count as part of the 8 glasses even though they are not "water". Also, is a glass supposed to mean one cup? I want to do what I am supposed to but I am starting to feel water-logged!!!


HP - May 4

I carry around 16 oz bottle of water (thats 2 cups). So drink 4 of those I have my 8 gla__ses of water.


Jennifer - May 4

Yes your Milk and OJ, can be counted towards your 8 gla__ses of Water, it is really 8 Gla__ses of liquid. It should be 8 8oz gla__ses of liquid.


tara - May 4

OJ and milk don't count as water. 8 gla__ses of water is on top of whatever else you drink. That makes up for a lot of bathroom trips!!! I tend to carry a water bottle around with me all day and keep taking small drinks but I think it only adds up to 6 gla__ses a day for me.


Hanna - May 4

A lot of doctors tell me that oj can count... I don't know about milk... but they all have water... 8 gla__ses of liquid just as Jennifer said... as long as it's not soda or anything bad... I drink water, cranberry juice, apple juice, and sports drinks...


TX Girrrl - May 4

8 gla__ses means 8 8oz. gla__ses for a total of 64 oz. I drink a lot of water, but I heard the 8 gla__ses a day rule is a myth. Other beverages and foods you eat throughout the day provide you water as well.


~S~ - May 4

Not too long ago, I was watching this health and food show where they were doing a episode on "Food Myths" One of them was that it's apparently not necessary to drink 8 gla__ses of water a day, instead you really only need about 3-4. This study came from several nutritionists and doctors, they said the reason why you don't need 8 gla__ses a day is because you actually get your daily intake of water through the foods you eat and juices you may drink throughout the day. If you're drinking orange juice, that does have water in it as well as fruits, fruits are FILLED with water. Anyways, it was good to hear. Some people religiously drink 8 gla__ses a day and claim that they feel healthier, more energy, but as for myself, I drink about 4 a day and I feel just the same as I did when I was trying my best to drink 8. *shrugs*


Melissa - May 4

Well, I am glad to hear that a "gla__s of water" is 8 oz. and also glad to hear that other stuff counts towards that too. Drinking the 8 gla__ses ( my gla__ses are about 2 cups each ) in addtion to milk and OJ has been killing me and I just feel like if you shook me I would make swooshing noises from all the fluid in me! Thanks for the info guys, this makes my life a lot easier.


well - May 4

it means 8 gla__ses


to Melissa - May 5

Have you tried mixing your water with Crystal Light or another similar drink mix? I love water and I drink at least 12 gla__ses a day (always have) because it does wonders for my skin and helps with any bloating and other pregnancy symptoms like constipation. But for those that don't like water, Crytal Light or sugar-free lemonade are good options. Milk and OJ as well as juices do not count as water and are often very high in sugar but if you mix something into water, that counts as part of your 64oz.



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