What Happens In A Level II Ultrasound

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Angela - September 9

I'm going in on Monday for a Level II Ultrasound and I'm just wondering what it is that they are looking for? What are the potential complications, etc? I'd just like to be prepared.


Bree - September 9

For me it was like a regular ultrasound, but it was more detailed as far as how much you could see. The procedure took about 30+ minutes and it was great! My sweetheart was so active. We could plainly see his boy parts. His feet and hands moving, opening his mouth, stretching his head back. The reason I had one was my age. I'm 36, so I opted for that instead of amnio. They look for markers for certain disorders (downs, trisomy, etc). They take a very detailed look at many things to look for markers. I also had the genetic counseling along with the test so they really explained a lot to me, which was great. It was a great experience for me. I'm so glad that nothing turned up. I wish you the best. Enjoy seeing your baby in detail. BTW, I was 18 weeks when I had mine.


GD - September 9

I agree with Bree, mine was exactly the same.. it is just like a normal ultrasound but much more detailed and yes it also took about 30+ minutes.. i was bombarding the technician with all these questions and she told me that she was checking part by part to make sure there were no problems.. after she took all the measurements, heartbeat, etc... we were finally able to see the baby.. it is the most amazing thing..mine was lifting his little arms and doing flips and we saw his little foot so detailed that even the technician was amazed at how clear it look.. anyway nothing to worry about.. you will enjoy it..


rl - September 10

I am in agreement with both Bree and GD I had mine on 9/2 and I was 18wks as well and I am 35yrs it was really nice and at mine when they were done the doctor came in and went over the results and pointed out things and for me they found none of the markers and he explained what they were looking for and pointed out what they found on my baby and it was in the normal range that was very rea__suring plus I got to see my baby for quite awhile and we found out we are having a boy!! So you will really enjoy it...and get some great sono pics!! Take care.....


Mandi - September 12

I had my level II on the 6th. Unfortunately, my little one decided to sleep on this belly for the entire affair. Not the best for me, because I had already tested at high risk for Trisomy 18. He just would not move. He stayed in one spot as though he was toying with me...and the techinician. Fortunately, when I came back later that afternoon for my amnio he moved enough to let us see his boy parts. Make sure you drink the alotted amount of fluid. I drank the recommended 16 ounces, and then had to empty my bladder as the technician thought it might help to get the little one in motion...no such luck. I think they have you drink this fluid to get a good look at your cervix....atleast at this stage of pregnancy. Earlier in pregnancy they like us to drink large amounts to avoid the empty bladder obstructing the placenta. I wish you the best of luck....pray for an active little one. It is so funny, because at my first US, at around 13 weeks, he would not stay still.....moving all over the place. They were easily able to make all of the necessary measurements, now, when I really needed him to move all around he would not budge. Hope he's more cooperative outside of the womb than in (LOL). Congratulations. By the way, are you going to find out the s_x?



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