What Happens When Your Feel Like You Are Getting Sick

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Veronica - February 8

HI ladies, I am 13w6d, and I work with kids in the am. Lateley here in Dallas there is a flu going around and srep. I have been so careful with having no contact and washing my hands contanlty. I wok up with a soar throat and woke up at 4am and started doing salt gargles every 4 hours. I just dont want to get sick. The baby will be fine right if I get sick??


Tess - February 8

I know it doesnt snow at Dallas but did you get a FLU shot? Most doctors would recommend some1 specially if theyre pregnant to get a flu shot....just to be safe. I live in MN and got a flu shot late last year (im due May) so far....Im doin pretty well. Goodluck!


Been There - February 8

Check with your doctor. You may not even have the flu, just a little bug.


S - February 8

It is my understanding that as long as you temp doesn't get too high the baby will be fine. You must be very careful about what you take. Don't take any drugs (herbal or not) until you clear it with your doctor. If your body temp goes over 100 call your doc and he can tell you when to go to the hospital. I think it is 102 but I am not sure.


pl - February 8

I got sick 4 times this pregnancy :) Sudafed is ok. There is a list your doctor has of things you can and can't take while being sick. Your baby will be fine. And watch for fever ...


pl - February 8

I had the flu shot too...


^lucy^ - February 9

hi veronica,, i got sick with a terrible flu around 18 weeks and i really had a hard time with it since i couldn't take any medication so i would feel better faster.. i went to my OB that time and she told me the baby is fine and will be fine as long as u dont have any fever.. she recommended salt water gargling with some vinegar (if ur having m/s i dont think vinegar will be a good taste) try drinking lots of fluids and drink orange and lemon juice.. this will help ur immunity system.. have a spoon of honey in the morning, it helps clear ur throat.. i hope u can prevent urself from catching the flu/cold by doing those things before having it and not during as happened with me :)


iakram - February 9

hi ladies - i'm in the same boat..i have this terrible head cold for a week now. my sinus's are blocked it hurts so much. my head is constantly pounding and my nose, ear and mouth [yes the left side] is in constant pain...they only thing Dr recommended was tylonol [but that's not helping the headache] and hot water steams/ tea/oj/honey...that's about it. this morning i woke up with this horrible cold sore, so i went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said i could OTC medication called abreava - which he said was safe to take during preg. but when i read the inside phamplet it said don't take. so i called my Dr to find out if I can or can't take it...i'm so paronoid is getting a cold sore okay during pregancy? Veronica i hipe you feel better, again as all the ladies have mentioned please watch your temp -


L - February 9

Don't stress! Seriously, don't worry! You just need to remember that you now have a baby in your belly that you need to take care of. Meaning that if you feel like you have a cold, drink lots of OJ, eat tons of Kiwis and get lots of rest. If you feel like you're more-than-a-cold-sick, go straight to the doctor! There are TONS of prescription meds that you can take with no problem! I had Strep throat when I was 10 weeks pregnant and was given pennicillin. I was BEYOND freaked out about having to take drugs so I called my dr and the drug company to make sure it was safe. They both said that it was just fine and that if I had let it go and not had it treated, it could have then been very dangerous to the baby! All in all, just remember to take extremely good care of yourself and your baby!


hello - February 9

robittussin with no alcohol is okay too



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