What Healthy Foods Do You Eat To Stay Full

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jendean00 - January 23

I eat a lot of rice cakes as snacks as well as nutrigrain bars...really growing tired of the same ol thing. At night I eat a peanut butter sandwich so I will not wake up hungry, so far it is the only thing that sticks with me. Does anyone else have anything they would like to share? I want to try something new. Thanks


pebblesnbambam - January 23

Jen - I too am eating rice cakes. I love the ones with chocolate chips in them and then I spread some peanut b___ter on top.. I do that in the evening to stay satisfied through the night. I also make smoothies in the morning and eat a fruit mid morning and a yogurt mid afternoon as a snack. I am doing alot of soups (broth based) for lunches with rice cakes.. I am addicted to them. I also have celiacs disease where I can't or should not eat wheat products.. so rice cakes are a saving grace for me. I have tried all different flavors and love the salted, chocolate chip and ranch ones. I also eat rasins, carrots, frozen christmas cookies :), salads, and love egg whites!! But as for snacks I did alot of nuts in the beginning but cut back on those now and have tried to focus on fruits and veggies! Hope that helps. I am in the same boat as you.. bored with same old same old.. but do love smoothies.. those are endless as to what flavors you can make!


suze42 - January 23

Fruit works for me when Im pg. I like Apples, pears and seedless grapes. And they give you lots of fiber...bonus!


jendean00 - January 23

Oh Pebbles, the ranch rice cakes are my favorites. I have not thought about spreading peanut b___ter on them. I too have ate a lot of salads I crave the cuc_mbers & tomatos etc.


pebblesnbambam - January 23

The one thing with me and fruit is that I cannot eat it on an empty stomach.. Pears give me such bad heart burn, oranges, apples and orange juice need to be eaten with something else or it really upsets my stomach. I guess with raw foods sometimes they have that affect. Yah.. if you are craving something sweet.. get the chocolate chip rice cakes and put peanut b___ter on them!!! Good stuff! But I agree.. I love the ranch rice cakes.. but I tend to eat too many of them at one sitting.. I wish they came in the bigger cakes.


Maggie - January 23

My craving is a bad one, but I LOVE pasta with meat sauce. I make my own sauce with stewed tomatoes, garlic, onions, and chopped sirlion (sp?).I also put pecorino romano cheese on top. I'm going to start making whole wheat pasta so my sugar doesn't skyrocket. I know its not the greatest thing to have, but I have been plagued with morning sickness and I really don't have much of an appet_te. Ranch rice cakes sound really good so I think I'll try them.


lily10 - January 23

Ranch rice cakes sound really good as do the chocolate chip ones with PB spread on them!! My biggest craving is egg and cheese on a lenders light bagel,not a morning goes by that i dont have one. I actually just swithced to egg beaters instead of eggs. Sometimes I add a morning star veggie sausage patty as well.


Tracy88 - January 23

I scrambled up some eggs for the protein and tend to eat soy products since I'm allergic to dairy, and the soy stuff helps sustain me. Oh, and almonds are the best for getting good fats and not feeling hungry quickly. They have been the best snack for me. I also like to have a soy yogart with granola cereal in it or a bowl of granola cereal with rice milk before bed. The complex carbs don't digest as quickly as the carbs you are eating.


Kelly11 - January 23

I have found that as long as I do a good mix of protein and carb at the same time I stay full longer. For instance, whenever I eat an apple I either have natural pb with it or a couple slices of cheese. I'm already having to be very careful of my blood sugar so eating protein along with a natural sugar like fruit usually keeps it very in balance. Cheese and apples seem to be my thing lately...but I also love pb on celery and fruit smoothies---but I always make sure to eat a slice of ham or something after I guzzle my smoothie. I've been having horrible salt cravings lately so that's been my downfall!


jendean00 - January 23

Well I went and got some of the chocalate chip rice cakes like Pebbles suggested and beside them was the apple chips...I forgot how much I liked them too. Good suggestions. I think and egg & cheese bagel sounds good too. I think I will wait a day or to and make another grocery run.


excited2bemama - January 23

Nothing really keep me full for too long. But I eat lots of cheese and whole wheat toast, cottage cheese and yogurt. And lots and lots of fruit especially oranges and granny smith apples. I also eat Gucomole (sp?) with corn chips, or cut up veggies with ranch dip. I pretty have to eat all day long or I get really sick to my stomach so I have lots of ideas. At work I eat pretzels, teddy grahms, and applesauce.


flappergirl - January 24

I'd go with banannas, sometimes apples, carrot sticks or even a bowl of dry cereal like corn flakes. Those always works for me and can last hours. Oh, and how could i forget cheese sandwiches!! Or just cheese...lol, cheese with everything for me please! : )


TiffanyRae - January 24

I am HUGE into dry cereal right now also! Though I feel really guilty for not eating it with milk...added calcium....but its easy to eat dry cereal at work for me....and cheese also is a biggie. And the worst craving I have is mcdonalds chicken nuggets...I have NEVER liked them before....so anyway I limit myself to a kids meal every once in awhile. Now that the morning sickness has some what subsided I can enjoy things again!



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