What Iron Supplement To Take

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M.B. - October 17

Hi everyone. I have read that you need about 30mg of iron a day during the second and third trimester. I am currently taking 'Blackmores for women' prenatal vitamins which gives me 10mg of iron a day. I am now entering my second trimester and want to take an iron supplement together with my prenatal vitamins, but I don't know which to take. I asked the pharmasist yesterday and he gave me Ferrograd C....but I have just read that it gives you the equivelant of 105mg elemental iron in each tablet!! Surely that's too much! Does anyone have any information on this. I just want an iron table with about 20-30mg in it that I can take each day together with my other vitamins. What are you taking??? I have just bought another 140 prenatal vitamins, so don't really want to change the ones I take to one with more iron (couldn't find one in the shop either...and won't by via the internet as we currently have no creditcard). Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, M.B.


Rachel.R - October 17

I have heard that taking iron supplements when your pregnant isnt good.. they recently did a study on iron supplements and children with behaviour disorders. If you can find the info on this, it would be good to read. Im not taking supplements, im just increasing the amount of iron i eat. I have added green leafy vegetables to EVERYTHING i eat. my obstetrition told me thats probably the best way to go. But if some of you dont agree with that... then thats fine.. speak to your doctor about whats best for you.


Lisa - October 17

I am taking natelle-ez pre-natals and they have 25mg of iron in them. I would not fool around with the iron supplements; I would see your doctor about it.


Bonnie - October 17

I agree with the others, don't take iron supplements without speaking to your doctor first as they can be dangerous. Good thing you are a label reader about the Ferrograd. :) Just call you doc and ask what to do. Chances are they will tell you to eat iron-enriched foods (you can search on the Web for a list). When they do your blood tests they will check iron levels and if it is too low they will then prescribe iron supplements. ......On a side note. I was so desperate to have iron pills myself as I swore it had to be low since I was so tired. They made me wait forever to take the blood tests it felt like. Turned out my iron was never low, guess we are just supposed to be that tired. :( It was crazy, lol. (P.S. Iron pills can give you major constipation as well so be careful) Good luck!


M.B. - October 18

Hi everyone, thanks for you answers. I will def. wait a few weeks and speak to the midwife at my next appointment before taking anything. She might say, like you some of you have, that it is enough to just get plenty of iron in my food. My husband is a great cook and since the beginning of the pregnancy he has been putting tons of vegetables (especially green leafy ones) in most of our meals. I have also started drinking orangejuice with eveningmeals as it helps the iron release into the system better. According to what you are all saying that (as well as the 10mg I get from my prenatal supplement) should be enough. Thanks again, M.B. x



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