What Is Everyone Using To Prevent Strectch Marks

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Melissa - April 22

I am 16 weeks and I have been using normal lotion everyday, but I really want to try and prevent strech marks. ( I know it may not be possible to prevent them, but I might as well try to !) Just wondered what you guys are using, and what some 2nd time pregnant ladies used in previous pregnancies that worked well. I would appreciate any input!


~S~ - April 22

I use cocab___ter moisturizer cream. It has Vit E and Elastin in it. I'm not exactly sure what it's called, but once I get home I'll report back. It's actually really good. I've been using it since day one of my pregnancy. I put it on 2 times a day and ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS after a bath or shower, tap water and soap really dry out your skin. I put it on my belly, my hips, my lower back, inner thighs, my b___bs and behind my knees. Reason why I believe it works is because I'm now 22 weeks and I have zero stretch marks from my pregnancy. I have 2 little ones from a year ago when I gained weight, but that's it. =o) If you're in a rush, you can probably pick up any kind of cocoa b___ter lotion or cream, just as long as it has Vit E in it and that Elastin stuff (I think that's the name, it's stuff that makes your skin a bit more stretchy) Shea B___ter is really good too. Good luck!


Steph - April 22

I use Cocoa B___ter. Got a big huge bottle from Sav-on for about 7 or 8 bucks.


SAR - April 22

i use Palmer's ma__sage lotion for stretch marks (with vitamin e, collagen, elastin and shea b___ter). i lather it on my hips, belly and b___sts twice a day (after a showe). i'm only 16 weeks and it's my first pregnancy, so only time will tell if it works. two ladies at work who recently had bubs used plain olive oil and swear by it. but then again, it could just be that they have good genes :o)


Raye Lynn - April 22

I use cocoa b___ter also, I noticed my first two stretch marks anyway on my belly two days ago. I am only week 18.


Heather - April 23

I have been using olay "quench" I am currently 24 wks with absolutely no signs of strech marks. It is super hydrating but not greasy you can get dressed right after. try it I so far swear by it. Oh I have been told that it depends on if you have steady or rapid weight gain. I have gained 16 lbs so far. What about you all?


Melissa - April 24

Thanks for the help....I found the Palmers one with cocoa b___ter and it is designed specifically for pregnant women and preventing stretch marks, so I am trying that one. Good luck to everyone!


to melissa - April 24

i see you've already got palmers-i think its good stuff,good luck.


SAR - April 24

hi melissa. glad you found the palmers. it better do the trick for both of us :o) in reality, it probably doesn't matter what you use, as long as you keep your skin hydrated. i'm sure heather is right... rapid weight gain will pose more of a problem than steady gain. and ultimately, genetics is probably the decider. my sister is tiny and has had four kids and no stretch marks. her skin around her belly is stretched though... her youngest son plays with it and calls it playdough, tee hee.


j - April 25

I have a friend who told me she used olive oil, and it totally worked


Maleficent - April 25

if you end up getting them anyways your next step is sunscreen. i got them bad with my first two kids but you can hardly tell now. hopefully i wont get more this time but if i do at least i know they wont be red and noticable forever.


Meadra - April 25

Family recipies: 1/2 tsp of each- honey, wheat germ oil,sesame oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil. Mix together and apply after shower. Or if your skin is sensative: 1 cup of any liquid oil (almond is my fave) to 1/2 cup of bees wax. Two or three drops of your favorite essential oil (I love lavender. It helps with headaches) or 1 oz scented water (rose, lilac) to add fragrance if desired.Melt beeswax in double boiler. Whisk until warm, not hot. Add oil and fragrance. Whisk together. Put in opaque jar. Use within 1 month. Don't try this stuff if you are allergic to any of the ingredients! If you don't know whether you're allergic or not, place a tiny drop of ingredients individually on the inside of your elbow and wait 24hrs for reaction. The women in my family swear by these for stretch marks!!!


Lily - April 26

Melissa, I've been using Palmer's Ma__sage Cream for Stretch Marks. It's actually a concentrated cream. It's a cocoa b___ter formula, but has hardly any smell to it at all, I really like it. They also have an oil for itchy skin during pregnancy too, however, I haven't tried that.


Sherry - April 26

Palmers Cocoa B___ter Formula Ma__sage Lotion for Stretch Marks w/Vitamin E Collagen & Elastin


TX Girrrl - April 26

I'm just trying to eat right and exercise in hopes that stretch marks from previous pregnancies don't get any worse than they already are! I heard most products aren't real effective in preventing stretch marks, but just minimize the appearance of present stretch marks.


karen - April 28

Stretch marks are in your genes. All the lotion in the world won't prevent them. Look at your mom - if she got 'em so will you. If you're blessed with good skin, lucky you! Best lotions will do is keep your skin soft.


Silvie - April 28

Hi Melissa...Karen is absolutely right. For major part it is /un/fortunately genes. The rest is diet and lifestyle . Any lotion will do the same job.But it is a great business for cosmetic companies at least. The same with creams against cellulite.



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