What Is Going On With My Butt Help

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sami - December 13

hope this is not a too much info question, but i'm misrable! i noticed last night on my way home from work that my butt felt kind of irritated, thought maybe dry skin. when i got home i had this rash on my bum cheeks. i put lotion on and it stung like crazy. what is my problem? anyone else experience this type of problem? i don't want to sit down today=(


sami - December 13

its not in between, its on the cheeks! lol


Drew - December 13

Hi, there is a rash that is common during pregnancy. I'm sorry, I forget what it's called, but it's pretty common. Maybe look it up on google "rashes in pregnancy" or something. I hear a cortizone cream helps relieve it some, and doesn't sting like perfumed lotions do. Maybe also a warm baking soda sitz bath? Hope this helps, like I said I never had it, but I've heard of it. Good luck, hope you feel better!


Lupe - December 13

Hey, I don't know for sure, but I think I read awhile back that you shouldn't use cortisone cream while pregnant, so I'd check it out before you try that. Maybe using a scrubby in the shower could help by loosening up the dead skin. My skin has gotten scaly in places and that's what I've been doing. I follow the shower with sweet almond oil all over. Oil like that has less of a tendency to sting the way some lotions do on sensitive skin. Good luck!


j - December 14

it may be a rush from hormones in your body. ( some resources I've researched call it PUPPS) I have the same thing, not on my b___t though, it's on my arms and legs (inner thighs), sometimes my brests and a spot on my neck. It was pretty bad about a month ago, it was so itchy I could not stop scratching myself and had a bad rash with red spots over these areas. I tried a tea tree oil and it helped a bit. My dr said it was from the hormones and it's common during pregnancy. He said if it gets bad to take benadryl. I did not feel like taking any medication and tried to control it with aveeno lotion, it also helped. I just put a lot of it after the showers and before I go to bed.


Jodi - December 14

I've got the same problem, but mine is all over my belly and my hips. I'm not positive, but I think it's just really dry skin from stretching. I've noticed that when I take a bath or shower and have to go outside, even just to get in my car it's worse. Now when I skip a day of showering or bathing, I've noticed it's better. I bought some lotion called Nivea body. extra enriched, helps severely dry skin heal itself with vitamin E. It helps so much, maybe you could get some and try rubbing it on your "cheeks"....I got mine from wal-mart. I do think it's just dry skin though, especially with it getting cold outside....just my thoughts...


Drew - December 14

Nope, nothing wrong with cortizone cream during pregnancy, my ob actually prescribed some for me for another skin irritation. j, that's exactly what the rash was called I heard about.


Ashley - December 14

I have a rash too! My mom thinks its from taking too many baths! (its the ONLY way i can get to sleep after my 2nd shift job!) I use coco b___ter like its my job and my b___t is still soooo dry and RED!!! Itchy too!! My whole body infact is red and itchy and dry!!


Dee - December 15

I just had to look at this one because the t_ttle of the question just made me laugh out loud! But trust me I'm not laughing at you because I have the same problem all over my body and its driving me crazy!! I think its a combination of really dry air and just being pregnant. I feel dry and itchy, it's almost like a burning itch. It is driving me insane!!!!! Again, I wasn't laughing at you but your wording gave me a good chuckle on what turned out to be a rough day for me ,so thank you. : )



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