What Is The 20 Week Ultrasound Like

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Keri - October 27

I have my twenty week sono on Nov. 15th. I am so excited. We don't want to know the s_x, but I am curious what can I expect? Is it 3d? How long does it last? Thank you ladies.


Christi - October 27

Hi Keri... I just had my 20 wk ultrasound 4 days ago. Mine was not 3D. It was however, the most amazing thing in the world. I saw the heart...the brain, the ribs...the little legs and arms. She was moving around. Thats what made me melt. I saw my baby move. I was told 85% chance girl... which isnt the 100% I wanted... but I do have the comfort of knowing shes healthy and moving. Good Luck... I am sure you will enjoy every moment of it. They do alot of measurements... they measure the head... the spine. They look to make sure there are 4 chambers to the heart... all kinds of things. It lasted much longer than the 1st.... throughout this... you get to see all the little parts of your baby. It is very exciting. Congratulations...and Good Luck!!


Keri - October 27

Something tells me to bring tissues. I cry when I hear my babies heartbeat, so I could just imagine. Just reading your post makes me misty (I am so emtional since pregnant). I just want to see it and know everything is ok. Thank you Christi.


Emy - October 27

It is really amazing. Like Christi said they check the chambers of the heart, etc, and it is just dumbfounding to realize that one night of love making and sperm and egg could create this human! It is awesome! We were told we are having a girl (and it was VERY clear to us also) and we also could see her moving around in there. Although at first I felt like Rachel in tha that Friends episode where she can't make out anything. I kept lifting my head up to see what the tech was talking about when she would say, "there is the arm, there are the feet"....lol....But it was wonderful to hear the tech say how "perfect" everything looked. I really fell in love with our little girl then and there. I am an advocate for finding out the gender because I needed to know in order to better bond with the child. It was really a great experience. I wish we could have ultrasounds all the time...lol


Shawna E. - October 27

I haven't had a 20 week ultrasound yet, and don't even know if I will be getting one since I just had one at 15 weeks to check size, organs, etcetera. I hope we do get one, of course! What I wanted to add is that some clinics will let you bring a video tape (or disc) to record it on and bring home... or so I have read. I wish I had thought to ask about it before the 15 week. You might want to inquire about that, because if they can do it, it would become a great keepsake!


Mary - October 27

Hi Keri. My 20 week appointment is Nov. 15th as well. We are going to find out the s_x of the baby. Its our first and I figure if I have another we will keep it a surprise. I have waited 4 months for this appt. and I can't wait. I hope everything looks normal. Good luck!!!


Maggie - October 27

Lets put it this way, the 20 week ultrasound is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have. Its normally a 2d ultrasound, but you can still see the baby. The tech will show you every part of your baby's body, and hopefully you will get to find out if its a boy or a girl. I actually got to see my little girl kicking, and sucking her thumb. At one point she was moving her mouth, and the tech said she may be crying, but we will never know. It was the greatest thing. Enjoy every moment of it.


ry - October 27

can they tell if something is wrong with the baby at this time? like downs or birth or heart defects?


To ry - October 27

ry, they can detect some malformaties. If the baby has downsyndrome it can show a white mark on the heart. they look to see that the heart has 4 chambers...and that its beating. they check for two legs...arms and such. They also measure the head and spine for malformations.


B - October 27

Is it common to have a 20 week ultrasound? I've read about so many going in for their's and last week at my visit my Dr. said the probably wouldn't do another ultrasound. They did one at my first visit when I was 10 1/2 weeks and I am now 20 weeks. I'm rather disappointed I won't get another one. How common is it to have a 20 week ultrasound? Thanks!


To B - October 27

B, As far as I know its pretty common to have a 20 week ultrasound... you should probably inquire with your doctor about that...


Renea - October 28

I just had my ultrasound last Tuesday. This is my 4th child and it was the first time that I got a 4d one, my others were all just regular u/s. So Amazing!!! I think it is normal to do u/s at 20 weeks, that is the only one my doctor does unless more are necessary. I think it gives them the best judgement on how old the baby is. I was supposed to be 19 weeks, but after doing the u/s, they found out I was only 17 weeks. It is so good to know this especially since we plan our c-sect. about 1 1/2 weeks before due date, so this puts things off a little bit. Good luck and do bring your kleenex. I would say that they generally take about 20-30 minutes, depending on how much your tech wants to show you. I would call and ask if they do tape them also. I have a video of my 2nd and 3rd, but with this last one they didn't tape. They always give you pictures though, so you do have some good refrigerator decorations =)



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