What Is This Rash

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mrs.vegas - January 29

i am 14 weeks today, and last week i noticed this strange rash...it started on the side of my left br___t. its about the size of a nickel and kinda raised and red around the outside, and the inside looks yellow and is dry peeling skin. there were two of them next to each other. then a few days later it spread to my arm pit! they don't start out as big as a nickel, but don't seem to get any bigger. now there are also some on my right arm pit. i'm waiting for a call back from my dr. i left a message over the weekend. anyone else have this rash, or know what it could be? also, it doesn't itch or bother me at all!


tiramisu - January 29

I had a severe rash (that looked like sun poisoning) on my b___bs, under neath my armpits and all over the sides of my stomach. it was unbearable so someone on the forums recommended Eucerin Cream. I purchased Eucerin Calming cream which comes in a tube and that DEF. helped me. try not to scratch b/c that will only spread the rash and make it worse. and I would def check with your doc.. keep calling them!!!!


Tonibug - January 29

This is so weird, I have the same thing on my neck, I got it about a week in a half ago, it started out like a small little bump but now it is probably about an inch and a half long, it does itch a little bit but is scaly. I go to the dr tomorrow for a pregnancy check up so Im gonna ask her about it then. Let me know what the dr says mrs vegas


mrs.vegas - January 29

the joy of pregnancy!! lol so i go to the dr. tomarrow, when the nurse called she said, "the dr. will definately want to see you now" so that's kinda scary! my rash doesn't itch though! i only noticed it when shaving my arm pits. so we shall see! let me know what yours is tonibug.


squished - January 29

I have a rash on the inside of my elbow that's been there on and off for a few weeks. It was there the last time that I was pregnant too. I hope that the doc can give you something for yours!


aaaaaaaaaa - January 29

I had that on my forearm and tummy around 18w or so... turned out to basically just be dry skin, I think... although I definately thought all my skin was going to fall off or something at the time, hahaha. I moisturized the c___p out of it and it went away, never to return...


mrs.vegas - January 30

my dr. appt is at 4pm today, so lets see what he says! hopefully its just dry skin. i'll let you know!


Tonibug - January 31

Hey Mrs. Vegas, I had my appt today and the dr said he wasnt sure what the rash was, he said it very well could just be pregnancy related, he told me to put cortizone on it and if it doesnt clear up in a week to see a dermatolgist. Did u find out anything


mrs.vegas - February 2

well, i went to the dr. and he said its ringworm! i was freaking but he said it can't hurt the baby and its probably from wearing the same bra repeatedley before washing it. so he's making me a dermotologist appt. so i can get some cream.


squished - February 3

Ringworm!!! eeeekkkkk, now I'm really going to have to get my rash checked on Monday! Thanks for letting us know what your doctor said.


Seendy - February 4

Hello everyone, I am 23 wks pregnant and about two weeks ago had a little rash above my umbilical area and in two to three days I had it all over my tummy, my b___sts and it started tracking up my neck and down my arms. My Gp thought it was an allergic reaction I was having with the cocoa b___ter cream I was using- very late reaction I replied as I had been using the cream ever since I was preg. But I stopped using it anyway. This rash was itchy as hell, I couldn't sleep at all. I swore to God I would exchange to stretch marks if given the chance. Went to see a skin consultant but he wasn't sure what it was. The only thing that really help was the internet and the website of a woman called Noami. I used her advised and now the hives has disappeared but my skin is still full of the rash. Have managed maybe two nights of sleep in the last week. Guess my pregnancy was going too well!!!!


sneph - February 5

Desitin!!! It works and you'll need it in your medicine cabinet sooner than later anyway.


mrs.vegas - February 6

just to let you know, i saw a dermatologist yesturday and she tested me for ringworm and it is NOT ringworm!! yeah!!!! she said it is most likely a rash caused by a virus (like i have a cold, but got a rash instead of getting a soar throat) and it should go away on its own in 6-8 weeks and i should just use moiturizer on it!! so i'm very relieved. we must keep in mind that while pregnant, our skin is much more sensitive than when we are not pregnant!!!



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