What Is This Weird Discharge S

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ella431 - October 21

I just noticed a small glob that was kind of yellowish/snottish looking.. could this be my mucous plug? anyone else had similar discharge? im only 22 weeks so I hope not.. any advice would be great, thanks!


jennifer_33106 - October 21

hmm I have noticed an increase in discharge but nothing like that really. I just get thick white CM. I am 22 weeks also. If you dont get alot of responses to this I would try posting it on the 3rd tri forum. I hope everything is ok!!


joeysmom - October 22

Ella, with my last pregnancy when I pa__sed my Mucous Plug it was bloody and creamy looking. I pa__sed it about four hours before I actually went into labor. I hope that helps a little.


Cevvin - October 22

Your mucus plug, comes and goes. This is my second and i lose bits and pieces of it all the time. But, it grows back, its not a sign of anything. Unless you get it tinged with blood (bloody show) or brown, or if it smells bad, i would not get concerned. If you are worried, call you ob for a piece of mind.


ella431 - October 22

thanks for the responses ladies:) i didnt see any blood so it was probably just some funky discharge, gotta love that!


BriannasMummy - October 22

No worries ella.. i have the same exact thing that you describe intermittenly. I believe it is part of your mucous plug.. but the mucous plug is something that regenerates.. so if you lose a little piece a new piece will take its place. This is my 3rd baby so its nothing new to me. ~Kristin~


sarah21 - October 22

I had a bit of the same thing-- just a little yellow glob in there. But it's perfectly normal.


pomny143 - October 23

Hi ella. I am having the exact same thing. I went to the doc and mentioned it to her. She said it sounded and looked like a v____al infection which can happen to women during pregnancy. It is not something to be concerned about, but she did give me an intrav____al cream to use every night before bed for five days. I hope that this helps you. I suggest going to the doc, because it could be problematic if left untreated. (If that is what it is)



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