What Is With All The Boys

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new mommy - May 11

I always thought that the population was comprised of more females than males. Why is it that it seems everyone is having boys. That is so bizarre.


Olivene - May 11

Wow! Not here. 5 nieces. I'm having a girl- no boys. Went to a LaLeche League meeting -5 girls, 1 boy! So many that balances for everyone you know!


new mommy - May 11

ok that sounds more like it. Although it might be nice if the playing fields were evened out a litt.


JESS1980 - May 11

That's funny....my husband and I are surrounded by people having GIRLS! We are the only couple in our social circle having a boy.....so we feel EXTRA-special!


louise1710 - May 11

I'm having a boy!!! my sister in law had a little boy last october and my best friend had a little boy last month, so it's all boys here!!!


Erynn21 - May 11

It's funny I have seen that on here, but no doubt I am having a girl. My MIL sure wanted me to have a boy, but she's already got 11 grandsons, and 11(well soon to be ) granddaughters. She was so convinced that she tried to buy me a boys outfit. My sis-in law is pg and she's having a boy, I guess my MIL was going by history, because her other sons had boys first, then girls, we get to be the odd-b___s, yeah! It does go in waves, the last 4 grandkids in our family were boys, before that there was a flood of girls for a few years. At least she gets one of each withing 2 months of eachother.


shortcake - May 11

It's not just here on this board there are 2 other boards that I frequent and I've seen boys outnumber the girls for the month of October! I think one board has 8 boys and 2 girls so far and the other one 6 boys and 1 girl!! I just found out I'm having a girl :) Go team pink lol!


drea - May 11

I just found out last week I'm having a Girl, so you can add one more on the pink side :-)


emilymalm - May 11

Statistically speaking, there are 105 boys born for every 100 girls.


Chrissythefairy - May 11

Im having a boy which is cool cause there are alot of girls on my side of the family! My parents are like FINNALY A BOY!


Jenn - May 11

actually, in my soc. cla__s my professor said that stats for world wide population is 3 girls for every one man!! My hubby laughed and said that is why men should be allowed to marry more than one woman-yeah right!!!


Betul - May 11

Well, I have five sons and tomorrow I have my big ultrasound (19weeks). We are all thinking (hoping ) PINK here..lol. Yes, statistically speaking there are three WOMEN for every one MAN in the world but that is because women live longer than men (more men die in war too) and male children are more likely to die from childhood diseases and SIDS than female children BUT there are still more male babies being born than female babies ( 105 boys to 100 girls sound just about right). I am a high school soc. teacher :)


CaliTrish - May 11

Well, I did a quick count of all my friends, in the last decade or so there have been 24 boys and 19 girls. Mine will be baby boy #25.


stephgts - May 11

I'm having a girl :)


squished - May 12

Out of my friends most recent births there are 3 boys and 2 girls....we don't know what we are having yet.


Betul - May 13

YES...we are have a GIRL!!


littlemama1022 - May 13

Well, I have having my second girl...due in August, but I do know a lot of people having boys!! I wanted a boy this time, but I am just as happy with another girl.



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