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jal239 - January 1

I am 15 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 days I have had this horrible pain on my left side. The pain started just under my rib cage and goes around my side to my back. The pain is between my ribs and my hip. I am finding it very hard to be comfortable in any one position except when laying down on that side. At first I figured it was things being shifted upward b/c of the baby, but now I don't know. the pain is making me miserable. In addition, I am finding that I am n=more nauseous this trimester and I am exhausted. I am scared that something is wrong. I will be calling my dr. tomorrow, but thought I would ask for some opinions in the meantime. I have even thought about going to the emergency room, but that is the last place I want to go. Thanks for the advice and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


racheal_5581 - January 1

Hi jal239! This could just simply be the ligaments stretching preparing to make some room for the baby. But to be safe, I would definitely call your doctor and be checked out. About the nausea, unfortunately some women still have nausea past the first trimester. My friend had it her entire pregnancy. If you are vomiting frequently, just make sure you keep yourself well hydrated. Hope this helps just a little. Congrats on the pregnancy.


Rachel29 - January 1

Hi Jal239! I'm thinking it's probably your gall bladder because, I had some slight pain under my rib cage that wasn't really that bad, but I thought I'd mention it to my doctor anyway just to make sure I was ok. My doctor thought that it was probably nothing since it was mild, but thought that if it got any worse, we should check my gall bladder. It could certainly be ligaments as the other poster said, but I would get it checked out to make sure that it's nothing serious. I'd go to the doctor pretty soon to have it checked. Good luck.


ms. optimistik - January 3

I had a pain under my right rib that was very dull almost like a braxton hicks, I told my doc and she said on right side it was gull bladder and to watch what you eat. She also thought maybe with the hormones, it could be moving my ribs to make room for the baby. I would definitely call your doc.



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