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Ry - October 11

Hey everyone! I had hg and was extremely dehydrated so I was put on zofran to stop the vomiting. I am now in the middle of my 14th week and am not nauseus (sp?) anymore but have no appet_te. I mean I will be hungry but nothing sounds good to eat. I have to force myself to eat even my fav foods and get full very quickly. I feel so guilty b/c I am hungry (i feel like i am starving my baby!) but I cant eat!! Is anyone else having this problem and if you did-did it eventually go away?


Beth - October 12

I had that. I was never physically sick, but no food appealled to me and I had to force myself to eat, I would also gag while eating, it was tough, but it went away. Stay strong it'll pa__s. I ate veggies, and fruit they were pretty much the only thing that I could force down, and make sure their cold that made it easier too.


Hi - October 12

i also get full really quickly, so instead i eat something once an hour. in other words i am snacking all day long. try new things also, i noticed that my favorite foods did not work anymore, so my diet now is very different from pre-pregnancy times. if you can keep the food down that is great. to have something of substance in your belly is great against the nausea as well, because the saliva makes you nauses as well. good luck and it is great that you can keep your food down - experiment with new foods, you never know what you might like now!


Jean - October 12

I went through this too and not only did it go away, my appet_te came back twice as strong as normal. I'm 23 weeks now and have to consistently stop myself from eating all day long.


ry - October 12

thanks girls!! i feel better now to know its not just me.


Erin - October 13

I also have HG, and I'm taking zofran as well as thorazine and prevasit for the acid. I'm 21 weeks now and I still get sick occasionally although the medicines are very helpful. I know how you feel about not wanting to eat - I feel hungry but nothing sounds good, but if I don't eat I get sick so I have to make myself eat. Eating bland foods that are filling do the trick for me. I eat a lot of oatmeat and cereals, pop tarts (breakfast foods! I know!) but that's just what does the trick for me. Maybe it'll help you too



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