What Makes Umbilical Cord Wrap Around The Baby Neck

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Martha2007 - March 28

One of my friend lost her girl at 8th month because the cord got wrapped around her neck. I want to know if there any reason behind it and can it be prevented? Her next baby is fine and she recently had a healthy boy. Can the doctors know ahead to prevent it? I am just curious. I am really paraniod when I hear all these kind of sad stories about the babies. Thanks


c_baer19 - March 28

I don't think it can be prevented, it's not something that is all that common, and it's not something that you cause. There's an old wives' tale that says raising your arms above your head can cause it, but it's a bunch of c___p, I stretch my arms above my head many times daily and my little girl is fine. Yours will be too, just try to avoid the horror stories, they'll only scare you.


kimberly - March 28

Having an excess amount of fluid will increase the risk of a cord entanglement. This allows the baby to float more freely and it is easier for the baby to get entangled. But, just normal movement of the baby can cause this. This is a rare occurance that the baby actually dies b/c of it, so there is no point in stressing out.


kristina1980 - March 29

I am gald you asked, because I have the same question. My sis-in-law told me not to stretch to much, or bend over. I didn't hear anything about the liquids, but I am horryfied to. I read some scary stories to, so I just avoid them. I also don't think that baby can die while in the uterus, with the cord around necks, since it's getting all the oxygen through the cord. I don't know. I will ask my doc on April 4th. I really need to know too.


heather28 - March 29

I was born with the umblical cord around my neck, and I'm okay. :) Now with all the advances they can tell if the cord is wrapped and you will have a c-section when it's time to prevent any further trauma. There are horror stories everywhere you look. The best thing to do is relax.


Allisonc79 - March 29

Sometimes the cord will be rapped around the neck at delivery, and thats when things can get a little sketchy. I've watched alot of that show special delivery. I've never seen a baby die from it, as long as it is unwrapped ASAP, and the baby gets oxygen and help breathing.


Tammy276 - March 29

My boy (2.5 yrs) and my little girl (2 weeks) were both born w/ the cord around the neck and they are just fine. I didn't have any complications from it and there were no complications with them during delivery. Both of them scored 9's on their apgar's. It is a rare occurance that a baby dies in utero from a cord accident and rare for a baby to die during delivery due to a cord accident. They monitor you very closely during labor and can tell if the baby is not handling labor well. Its really nothing to stress about.


JerseyGirl - March 29

Hi Martha - my fellow Jerseyan. How are you? I had the same question as you, and think you're not necessarily worried about the cord around the neck during delivery (because that's easier to fix), but rather during your pregnancy before delivery. My sister-in-law was also 8 months pregnant and the baby died in utero because the cord got wrapped around the its neck. This is why it's really important to pay attention to your baby's movement. If you don't feel it moving (and it has been on a regular basis), go to the doctor. Who cares if it's a rare occurence - it DOES happen and that's the scary part. I wouldn't dwell on it though. Just pay attention to movement. When are you due?? I'm due June 13.


Martha2007 - March 30

hi Jerseygirl, thank you for your repsonse. I am due on July 29th. I have long way to go than yours. How are you feeling? did you get any 3D/4D. I am thinking to have one at 27th week. What are you having boy/girl/surprise? thats so scary of cord, don't know why it happens.


JerseyGirl - March 30

MARTHA: I'm feeling good overall. You? My only complaint is my back - it's nearly impossible to sleep at night! It makes no difference how many pillows I use or if I keep changing positions - it still kills. I only had 2 ultrasounds - one at 12 weeks and one at 20. Unless there's a problem between now and birth, I won't have another. We did not find out the s_x, so there's no reason to get a 3D or 4D one. We're having so much fun not knowing - it keeps us guessing! We painted the baby's room a light brown and the ceiling is a blue sky with clouds. Even if I knew the s_x, I wouldn't have painted pink or blue. Good luck and think positive!


Martha2007 - March 30

Jersey, I am feeling fine, no back problems yet. wow thats lof of fun by keeping it surprise. may be I will keep it surprise for my second one. I will be taking lamaze cla__ses in May. I rented doppler for 3 months and it is controlling my anxiety. need to go for shopping to motherhood this weekend. My shirts are ok, but I need pants.


JerseyGirl - March 30

Oh good! So you got in touch with JFK Hospital about their lamaze cla__ses - that's great. Ours at St. Peter's start April 18. I'm getting nervous! I'm the opposite of you - good in the pants department, but need more shirts. Must go shopping!


MNMOM - March 30

20% of babies (according to what I have read) have cords around the next while in the womb, these rarely cause problems. It is more of a problem if it is still like that at delivery - this happened with my son and almost killed us both it was the most traumatic experience of my life. Our story was a happy ending though :)


Martha2007 - March 30

hi jersey, In JFK they have weekend program for Fri and Sat for $125 per family. I heard st.peters hospital is very good, JFK is not that clean I heard. But my OB/GYN going only to JFK. I gained lot of weight last month and this month controlling my weight, scared of Gestational Diabetes.


JerseyGirl - March 30

Sorry to say that I've heard the same about JFK. I was actually born there! St. Peter's seems to be "the baby hospital" around here. I think it's the only hospital my OBGYN group goes to. We opted for the 4-night lamaze cla__s instead of the weekend crash course. Watch it with the weight. Have you taken the glucose tolerance test? I took mine about 2 weeks ago and I'm fine. I was so worried about that.


kohmahendra - August 7

My baby (thought to name as Anvi) has 3 umbilical cord wraps around her neck. We lost Anvi at 34 months of pregnancy. It’s most unforgettable time in my life. I don’t want to scare anyone; I just want to share my life. Doctor said 1 in 10000 can go like this (so no worries for you). It’s not how many cord wraps for baby, it’s how tight the cord is. One of the incident doctor said is one baby survived with 7 cord wraps around neck, which are loose. My wife felt no moments of baby for a day and so we went for doctor checkup and doctor said there is no heart beat for baby and he referred emergency ultrasound. They said the bad news. We can’t avoid this because all this can happen in few hours. You can go for ultrasound checkup and everything might be good. Their after within an hour things may go bad based on baby moments. They injected some medicines and fluids and my wife delivered in 1 day. Try drinking cold water before sleep, and so you may wake up in night. You can check the movements of baby. I understood from my life experience this is just an accident happened in life. I made my soft heart hard and we want to try for next baby.


dekraytom - December 6

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.



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