What Not To Eat When Pregnant

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Tiff - July 5

I know the obvious ones like raw fish, soft cheese etc ..but i have recently learnt that you can not eat papaya and toatoes that are not very ripe! has anyone got anymore they have heard about ...i am just curious .


Tiff - July 5

Sorry i meant tomatoes!


Lynn - July 5

Did someone tell you that you can't eat those things or did you see it in print somewhere?


SRG - July 5

Not sure about tomatos and papaya, but you are not suppose to eat cold cuts (due to nitrates), feta cheese (listeria from non-pasturized milk) raw eggs, therefore wholemade ceaser dressings, and anything else with raw eggs....when you make eggs do not eat the yolks.


Lynn - July 5

Absolutely eat the yolks! Just make sure they are cooked all the way through. Most pregnancy diets will tell you to have about 2 eggs a day- they are full of Omega 3 fatty acids which are GREAT for brain & eye development.. of course not so good for cholesterol, so if you have high cholesterol, check with the doc. Otherwise, soft cheeses like feta, brie, blue, etc, deli meats, raw eggs, and large amounts of fish that are high in mercury. Visit the March Of Dimes website (google it) and they can give you a whole list of what & why.


HUNGRY - July 5

how can anyone honestly expect pregnant women to stay away from all these things??? I am getting hungry just reading about food! I eat alot of things that are deemed "bad" during pregnancy, like rare steaks, lunch meat galore, i CRAVE seafood in the worst way (going to red lobster for my birthday next week, OH YA) feta cheese, canned tuna. I ate a dozen eggs by myself over the course of one day last week, every which way, scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, hard boiled for egg salad sandwiches. mmmmm. it was a good day :) I stay away from the obvious things like caffine, alcohol, undercooked pork, chicken or fish, homemade ice cream made with fresh milk (it looked so good too). I stay away from resteraunts that look 'iffy' and stick to the well known places. Me and my baby are perfectly healthy and i have great prenatal care, so i don't see anything wrong with what i'm eating, it's better than junk food (i'm a chocoholic!). Besides, these are all things i am used to eating on a regular basis, i wouldn't advise a pregnant vegitarian go out and eat a rare steak, but someone used to eating sushi on a very regular basis wouldn't have to stop..


Tiff - July 5

No i did not see it written anywhere but i heard that papaya and tomatoes have a chemical i them that induces a miscarriage...i know people talk alot of rubbish i was just wondering is anyone has ever heard of this...


Katlyn - July 5

Lynn...I have read and researched with doctors and was told that eggs cooked are great, but not the yolks, that they can cause listeria. I am sure we have all heard and read and researched different things and we all need to do what is best for us.


Cora - July 5

"If the egg is thoroughly cooked, the salmonella/listeria organisms will be destroyed" What makes u think that only the yolk could be infected? lol If an egg has either samonella or listeria bacteria...the WHOLE egg is infected. If cooked at a proper temperature the bacteria is destroyed.


Ca__sie - July 6

Lunch meat too? Man... what am I supposed to eat for lunch then? Peanut b___ter sandwiches? :-( It seems like every day I find something else I'm not supposed to eat. I usually am worried about it too since like with the lunch meat, I've eaten a lot of it so far. All my doctor told me was to stay away from certain types of fish. *sigh* I'm hungry.


erica - July 6

These is my fifth pregnancy and I eat everything. I just make sure everything is cooked. As for the soft cheese I just have it once in a while. I have never gotten sick with anything. But everybody is different. I eat tuna once in a while, soft cheese, lots of tomotoes, papaya, sea food, and etc.


Cora - July 6

Excuse me Belinda, but yes of course I have heard of sunny side up eggs, and they as well are not supposed to be eaten during pregnancy. Duh . the yolk is not cooked, let alone not brought to a proper temperature. This wasnt even the question now was it? The question was about eating yolks and that they were the only part to contain listeriosis. Why not read all of the posts b4 attacking mine. And lose the sarcasm...sounds like you're the one who needs to lose the sarcasm....'...have you heard of sunny side up eggs Cora'. Case in point. Good day .


lilmum - July 6

I just wanted to know.. have any of you actually KNOWN anyone to get lysteria?? I haven't, and i'm wondering how common it actually is. I eat alot of these things all the time and am not worried, so im wondering what my chances of actually contracting lysteria are...


erica - July 6

I asked my doctor and she said that the chance is very minimal. I eat alot of these food once in a while. She said not to worry. As long as I'm not drinking or doing drugs. I'm okay.


Lynn - July 6

Yes, the chance is very minimal. Something like 2500 people per year contract listeriosis in the U.S. so not that many at all. It usually happens in clusters - for instance, a few years ago salami from one company that shipped out to lots of east coast grocery stores was contaminated. So it took a good outbreak of 20-30 people to actually "trace" the outbreak and issue a recall. A lot of times with listeria, food can be contaminated but not enough to actually make people sick unless you have a compromised immune system (like we do when pregnant) & it *can* be detrimental to your baby. And the incubation period is 7-21 days, we know listeria causes stillbirth, but how many stillbirths are actually traced back to listeria - especially since the mother frequently shows no signs of it what so ever. Since the "word" has gotten out about pregancy & the foods to avoid, the incidence of stillbirth has decreased dramatically.. I would guess its really a personal decision as to risk being one of those 2500 this year or not. It seem like you have better chances of getting struck by lightening, but to me, if I can avoid it at all, then I will try my best to do so. Just like I have to drive every day to get to work so my chances of getting into a car accident are greater and I do everything I can to avoid that from happening or to lessen the chances of it happening but some things you just can't control.



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