What On Earth Was This Dream About Lol

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clare - May 2

hi everyone hope all is ok!! i just thought id share a really bizzare dream with you and thought it would be fun to hear some of yours. i went to the hospital for a scan last week and as i was waiting to be seen i was looking at pics of baby in the womb and how it grows lol anyway the other night i had a dream that the pic was my baby and she was talking to me like an adult lol it was very strange i cant remember what we spoke about i just remember waking up laughing lol xxx


Erynn21 - May 2

It's called hormones, I have had a bunch of wacky dreams. Now I just chalk it up to being pregnant. I posted before about my dream about my b___sts being like two beachb___s, and i couldn't feed my baby it was just physically impossible. I was pretty freaked out about it in my dream and my poor baby was just suffering from not being able to eat. I woke up and had a good laugh about it, in fact everyone I told about it had a good laugh, lol, it was pretty funny.


Hana - May 2

Clare, I have loads of wacky dreams, mostly erotic lol the other day i dreamt a guy was s_xually a__sulting me and i was turned on EWWWW. I also constantly have dreams that in one way of the other cant take care of my baby...i think its normal anxiety. My husband often wakes me up saying i'm whimpering in my sleep and thinks im having a nightmare but i dont recall, and this has only happened after i got preg. Oh and i've recently been waking up to my own snoring and I NEVER EVER snored before lol so glamorous!


clare - May 3

cheers guys lol your dreams sound more eventful than mine lol. my latest was a little more normal than the last lol i was out walking with baby and she got wind and was sick all over me!! thats the most normal so far lol xxx


new mommy - May 4

I have had some pretty weird one. When I was about 17 I went on a missions trip to Italy and I got Giardia from the water. That is a parasite that pretty much eats what you are eating. I was pretty sick for a few years until they figured it out. Well now I keep having this dream that a tapeworm is trying to get at me and I am afraid it will eat my baby. Gross.


EllieBaby - May 4

I had a weird dream last night, it actually freaked me out. I drempt that I was taking a shower and for some weird reason I decided to use the conditioner before the shampoo isn't that awfull!!! Just kidding I promise!!!, after I used the conditioner I intended to use the shampoo but grabbed the conditioner instead, when I realized what I was doing I tried to rinse it out frantically, it was too late all my hair started falling out and then a huge chunk of my hair fell out with the scalp attached, gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


clare - May 4

lol elliebaby i think u beat me on wierdness lol. i had a really vivid drem that i caught my fella in bed with another girl and he was trying to tell me he didnt do anything and i killed the girl and went to prison it was awful!!! also kinda funny as i have never had a fight in my life and i wouldnt know how to hurt sum1!!!



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