What Pants Size Do You Wear

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Allison - October 10

I'm only 14 weeks and don't fit on regular pants, the small maternity size seems to tight but medium seems huge. I normally wear a 6 size or medium on pants. Do you think I should buy medium on maternity? Will I fill them up even though they seem huge today? Thanks gals!!


Jean - October 10

I have a similar problem. I normally wear a 10, but the maternity pant sizes really vary by size. I've got some 10 and some 12. Old Navy jeans are tough - the Mediums are snug and the Large is enormous, but the Large in their cords fits me perfect. It's annoying. I think your best bet is to find the pants that have the adjustable waist band. I bought pants that fit snug, generally, but that had alot of room only in the belly and that seems to be working okay so far. I'm almost 23 weeks.


DJ - October 10

I'm in the same boat!! although I normaly wear an 8 size, I hope more ladies give their experiences so we can get some help. I have one found a pair of medium maternity pants that fit fine they have a waist band in the back, I don't know why but the ones with the waist band at front, don't fit me. I hope this help you.


val - October 10

I hate how they group the sizes, an XS is a 1-2 and a S is a 4-6 and so on...there is a lot of difference between a 1 and a 6. I generally wear a size 2 in pants, so all the smalls are huge on me. I can't wear anything from the maternity stores or maternity sections in Penneys or Target or places like that. They are just too big. I found Old Navy had XS, and I had gotten a pair of the normal looking waist that had all the hidden elastic, and those were even huge on me, they bag off my b___t and I have to keep pulling them up. So I thought it was hopeless. Finally this weekend I made myself try on every pant style and belly style they had at Old Navy in a XS and lo and behold the belly style with the wide elastic band going all the way around fit! Some of the pants are a bit snug, but I found after wearing them a couple of hours they loosen up a bit and fit perfect. But I had the same problem, the xs was a bit snug and the small was too big, so like I said I figured out the xs would loosen up after wearing them for a bit.


Jean - October 10

I agree - the snugs do loosen up. Especially the jeans. Liz Lange for Target seem to be right - on (at least for me) and they are not super long, either, for those of you that are pet_te. Like Val, it took me trying on every pair of pants I could find until I got 5 pair that are wearable.


kendall - October 10

i started wearing maternity jeans from old navy at about 10weeks i took them in on one side to make them fit better and about 1 week ago i let them out at about 20weeks and now they fit perfect. remember if you buy jeans you will get bigger so they don't have to really fit now. taking them in is easy use needle and thread and just fold them in on one side and sew only the waistband you can't tell with a shirt over it. good luck and cograts


Brooke - October 10

Buy the bigger size, because you will not believe how much bigger you will get.


Allison - October 11

Thanks for all your answers, they are very helpful. Kendall and Brooke, I have a question for you. Do you get also bigger on the hips? I tried a pair of jeans yesterdar and they seem big on the front but also on the side, but I'm not sure if my b___t will grow in the future too.


Jean - October 11

I have the same question about the hips and thighs. So far, I've only grown in the belly, making the adustable waist an awesome feature... and I'm wearing my pants snug. I wonder, too, if my b___t and hips will grow and I have to buy new pants next month!!


kendall - October 11

my hips and thighs have definitely gotten bigger thats why i can't wear my normal jeans, if they hadn't i would still be wearing my old jeans w/ a rubber band:)


Amy - October 11

Ugh.. maternity clothing sizes suck! I am generally a size 2 but I am tall. I am now 21 weeks pregnant and can fit into some pants that are size 4 but they are getting tight. I did find a pair of pants at babystyle. They are considered "transitional wear" but they fit really good. Also they have some soft cotton pants that work well too. This is my second pregnancy and I will say that for the most part, you won't really fit maternity clothes until you are somewhere btwn 6-8 months -- everyone is so different. Good luck.. at least maternity clothes is a lot better looking than when are mom's where pregnant with us! :)


bump - October 12



Kate and Baby - October 12

I was a size 5 before I got pregnant. I still can't fit comfortably into maternity pants. I go to the junior section in the mall and buy medium size pants that don't b___ton or zip up. at some stores they have pants that have the waste that folds down and the legs are really big. I bought a pair in every color they had. I wear them everyday. I have yet to find a pair of jeans anywhere. It is so frustrating!!!! Good luck


Martha - October 13

I share the same pain with you. I have a pair of jeans medium that I need to pull up every time I stand up. I hope I'll be able to fill them eventually. I tried some small sizes and they fit perfectly, but I am afraid of not being able to wear the later, so I hope the saggy jeans will do it...



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