What R U Craving AND What R U Having

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Jo - August 26

Hey ladies!!! So we all been craving for things we never liked, things we always though were gross together i.e. piclkes w/ peanut butter, etc... I want to know what some of you have been craving for and if you know the baby's gender, include that as well.... LET'S LET THE CRAVINGS BEGIN!!!! =)


Stefanie - August 26

All I want to eat recently has been fruity pebbles cereal...I am having a boy


dani - August 26

We're having a BOY! I've been craving a lot of salt, salads w/ ranch dressing, avacodos, OJ, cheese, eggs, and pretty much anything fattening. I don't know if it's the boy or what, but I used to be a healthy eater and now I crave salty fatty foods. EDD 12/30/05


Dustie - August 26

I am 22 weeks and am having a boy. I mostly crave salty stuff but I crave salads a lot too. I don't have cravings very often though.


Chrissy - August 26

I'm 25 weeks and having a boy, I've been craving Everything Bagels with Cream Cheese (every morning I NEED to have one!!), Salads with Oil & Vinegar, Pickles, Olives, Pretzels, Watermelon, and Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey & Fudge Brownie ice cream


bump - August 27



Ca__sie - August 27

I'm 25 weeks and in the beginning it was chicken noodle soup, but now it's pizza all the way. I could eat it every day. We're having a girl.


Amanda - August 27

I am having a baby BOY!!! I am 23 weeks along and when I first got pregnant I craved chicken noodle soup. It was starting to get warm out and all I wanted to eat was soup. Fromt he beginning of my pregnancy up until now it has been pizza pizza pizza. I never get sick of it.


Linds - August 27

I am 24 weeks and i LOVE beef flavored cups of soup(ramen noodles). and lime freeze pops. I also love homeade potato soup, pickles, olives and other random things. I am having a boy!!!


Emily - August 29

When I was pregnant with my baby boy all I wanted in the 1st trimester was Lemonade. The good stuff from those pretzel places. Then it turned to hotdogs & beans and chocolate especially twix bars and OJ! With my little girl is was Melon and Mc Donalds Fries!! This time at 16 weeks all I am craving is cheese & Mc Donalds Fries! I don't find out what I am having for 2 -3 weeks!


to Stephanie - August 29

I laughed so hard when I read that you are craving fruity pebbles! I didn't remember that until you mentioned it, but when I was pregnant with my son who is now 3 I was OBSESSED with Pebbles! I couldn't eat enough them! Funny!


Samantha - August 29

I'm 19 wks, and having a boy, all i have wanted is spaghetti and peanut b___ter and jelly with a BIG gla__s of milk, and Shock Tarts-the chewy kind..God, they are good! : )


hezbux - August 30

Anything with tobasco and salsa. Especially lettuce salad with chedder cheese, cottage cheese, ranch, club crackers salsa and tobasco. Have to have it every day. Was anything sweet in 1st trimester. I find out the s_x in 3 weeks.


Christine - August 30

Now I am craving, pasta, spicy foods, cheese, and chocolate. In fact I even dream about chocolate. Im worried I will turn into a blimp!!!! I am having a girl.


Crystal - August 30

Girl & I'm craving tomatoe soup, seriouslly I can't get enough. I have it for two meals a day - have to skip on dinner sometimes though - my dh just can't handle it!



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